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Empire Admin -> Ready For Manimal: The Movie? (18/9/2012 9:12:46 AM)

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Nicky C -> Air Wolf! (18/9/2012 9:12:46 AM)

Give me Air Wolf!

MojoMonkey -> (18/9/2012 9:33:18 AM)

I would watch the shit out of a Flumps movie.

Void Indigo -> Ha Ha! (18/9/2012 9:41:08 AM)

MANIMAL! An old favourite. I still have old episodes on VHS that I taped when they were first aired on BBC1 back in the 80's. Yeah, why not? Hollywood have regurgitated worse ideas. And follow it up with AUTOMAN and STREET HAWK!

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Ha Ha! (18/9/2012 10:03:40 AM)

Had to look twice when I saw this one, think this finally shows that after Universal saying they're concentraiting on sequels now they've finally came up empty on the new ideas front.

Fozola -> Flumps Would Be Fuckin Awesome! (18/9/2012 12:57:30 PM)

The Flumps being brought out of retirement to rescue Pootle from the clutches of Fingermouse and Bagpuss...Expendables style! That would be fuckin cool! As for Manimal, give me a break...I did watch it as a kid but no matter how great the effects, a man turning into a snake or a frickin rat is just bollocks!

RogueElement -> Make it funny, could work (18/9/2012 5:20:28 PM)

I think the only way this could work is if you cast someone funny, Will Ferrell or Andy Samberg say, or a good looking fellow playing against type, Ryan Gosling or Michael Fassbender for example. Either way, there's no change you could make a serious drama out of the premise.

bdgr -> I'm ready! (18/9/2012 6:11:15 PM)

But why stop at Manimal? What about Automan?!? He was great!

bdgr -> Do it 'Avengers' style! (18/9/2012 6:19:27 PM)

How about Manimal, Automan and the A-Team together? And then maybe add Airwolf, Street Hawk and Knight Rider? Why is no one in movie land looking at this?!

samhaim -> WTF (18/9/2012 11:48:14 PM)


obimoo -> only 8 episodes? (21/9/2012 5:19:39 PM)

never realised this was so short lived. loved it as a kid, and used to do the hand thing as a party trick, due to some odd joints (between meta-carpels, not juvenile narcotics). no reason they can't do something great with a film version, even if the show was much crapper than my tiny '80s mind realised.

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