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Super Hans -> 2nd hand iPods - battery performance concerns vaid or nonsense? (12/9/2012 8:40:59 PM)

I've been considering trading in my 2nd gen iPod Touch for second hand 4th gen one - mainly for the HD video recording and new features/apps that more recent IOS updates allow. Might be a stupid question but does anyone know if the battery life detoriorates much on iPods over time?

I don't seem to have any issues with my own (which arguably answers my own question, I know...[:D]) but it's one of the things that's always put me off buying a used one - probably because I've had devices like mobile phones where the batteries have gone to the dogs eventually and often have my suspicions about such things! Is it possible for the batteries to end up screwed due to overcharging?

Gazdance -> RE: 2nd hand iPods - battery performance concerns vaid or nonsense? (17/9/2012 7:46:05 PM)

I bought a second hand iPhone 4 last year. It was 11 months old when I got it and it's now just over two years old. I have not noticed any problems with battery life at all. It's inevitable that battery performance will deteriorate over time though and I imagine that it could vary from device to device. It's the chance you take.

Doesn't the newly announced 5th gen tempt you?

Super Hans -> RE: 2nd hand iPods - battery performance concerns vaid or nonsense? (17/9/2012 9:28:34 PM)

Cheers Gazdance, I guess it's ajust a 'suck it and see' kind of thing eh![:D]

I was waiting to see what happened with the 5th gen ones and my initial gut feeling was that I didn't like the fact that the dock connector's changed and won't work with the multiple speaker/alarm clock docks I bought especially for my iPod. However, having though about it, I could always buy an adaptor and they do look pretty damn smart.[:)]

Key things I'm keen on are more recent apps/functionality like Newstand and HD video recording. My wife and I are expecting our first baby so have decided I'd like something capable of recording all those magic moments so have decided an iPod upgrade would make more sense than another separate gadget.

I've noticed that the new ones start at 32gb but they are still doing a 16gb 4th gen version for 170, so either way, I might be best off just buying a new 16gb one at the very least. Probably sell my current one beforehand to help out with the cost.

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