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TwistedAnimator -> Anyone Used Geek Squad in the UK? (11/9/2012 10:10:34 AM)

Hi guys, I've got a serious problem with my PC.
It fires up like a jet engine, then coughs, splutters and dies when trying to boot up.
I think it's because I overclocked it a while back and the cooling gel has turned to concrete.
Either way, I can't afford a new one at the same spec right now.

I had a bad experience with PC World last year and don't want to take it back there.
I've found a Geek Squad in my local Car Phone Warehouse.
But I'm not sure about taking my PC there, because Car Phone Warehouse probably only knows about phones right?

Anyway, I hear that Geek Squad are pretty big in the US, but can someone tell me if they've used them in the UK and if they're any good over here?


Chief Wiggum -> RE: Anyone Used Geek Squad in the UK? (11/9/2012 7:24:06 PM)

not tried them before, but I would expect it to be pretty expensive...

first off, undo the overclocking - if it's entering thermal shutdown being overclocked is not going to help.

I would try a couple of basic fixes to start with - get a can of compressed air, open the box and get as much of the dust out as possible.

see if that resolves things, if not you could try reapplying the thermal paste - you can pick it up from maplins fairly cheaply - pry the heatsink off the cpu and put a small (grain of rice sized) bit on the chip then put the heatsink back on.

mind you if it doesn't boot - does it blue screen or has something else failed - try booting into safemode, should be a verbose method (shows lots of text while starting up) try and record the screen with a camcorder (or mobile) it'll show you the last thing it tried to load before it failed.

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