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Empire Admin -> What The Heck Is Cloud Atlas? (7/9/2012 5:54:59 PM)

Post your comments on this article

Varcolac -> Goon likeness (7/9/2012 5:54:59 PM)

Hugo Weaving (post apocalypse) looks awfully like the Zombie Priest.

Knife to the eye!

MonsterCat -> RE: What The Heck Is Cloud Atlas? (10/9/2012 10:53:01 AM)

Urm, you guys might want to check out the Run Lola Run bit on page 3.

Guinevere6 -> Bollocks (10/9/2012 7:41:20 PM)

So now once I've waded through Cloud Atlas (it's fun don't get me wrong) I now have to read all David Mitchell's other books as well!!?? Can't wait! :)

Midgit315 -> Run Lola Run (11/9/2012 3:45:44 PM)

...it's actually NOT 'The Matrix'...

macha24 -> Ben Whishaw (21/3/2013 1:11:17 PM)

Ben Whishaw also plays in "the first Luisa Rey mistery", as the seller in the music shop who's listening cloud atlas record.

Montago -> You forgot all about some people... (3/7/2013 9:08:45 AM)

Susan Sarandon is missing

Keith David is missing

David Gyasiis missing

matsnowie -> missed another (15/12/2013 7:08:18 PM)

Jim Broadbent appears near the end of the Sloosha's Crossing story when Halle Berry's ship comes to rescue them

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