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Empire Admin -> 13 Key Differences Between Jaws The Book And The Film (3/9/2012 12:37:57 PM)

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DanTDavies -> (3/9/2012 12:37:57 PM)

You forgot one key difference: the book is utter bilge.

Avengers12 -> both r classics (3/9/2012 1:17:50 PM)

though i'd prefer the movie version...i've always wondered if they'd do a tv movie of the novel version...how it would play out on screen...

but to have a believable affair, they gotta cast a VERY different looking Hooper..maybe closer to the book version..a blonde, athletic, square jawed marine biologist.

glaive -> RE: both r classics (3/9/2012 3:19:02 PM)

Often wondered about Quint throwing the knife in the transom...the camera 'just' lingers on it a beat TOO long. I KNOW Quint uses it at the end...it just seemed a tad too 'lingering'....
At WHAT point in the script-write WAS the air-tank going to be the way Bruce was killed?

Was Benchley's ending EVER considered?

GrahamConnors -> Both are classics?? (4/9/2012 3:47:21 PM)

I agree with Dan T. Davis, the book is utter crap. Jaws the film is one of the few examples where the film version surpasses the novel in almost every way!

Litshttam -> 14 (That's 14) Key Differences... (4/9/2012 5:52:47 PM)

Book: The F word

Film: No the F word

shpaget -> More on Hooper's Death (2/7/2014 10:46:24 PM)

Not only is Hooper killed in the cage...Hooper is killed in the cage because Brody chooses to not try to save him - due to his suspicions of Hooper banging his wife.

And as others have said, the book is a pile of donkey crap.

littlelulu13903 -> (14/2/2015 6:04:17 PM)

The movie was way better. I don't call the book crap but the characters were way more likeable in the movie. What an anti-climatic ending in the book. Brody was no hero

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