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filmfan90 -> Dennis Quaid (30/8/2012 1:14:47 PM)

Who doesn't love the Quaid?!

From movies like Dragonheart to Enemy Mine, Dennis Quaid has done his fair share of enjoyable movies. Quaid is definitely an underrated actor, so here's a thread dedicated entirely to him!

I recently saw him in Beneath The Darkness where he plays a genuinely creepy murderous psycho who keeps his dead wife hidden in the house - treating her as though she's very much alive. It's a great performance and easily among his best.

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it...

So what do you guys think of Dennis Quaid? Got any favs of his?


OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: Dennis Quaid (30/8/2012 1:37:58 PM)

I was always rather indifferent on Dennis Quaid up until I saw the 1988 thriller D.O.A which pleasantly surprised me.
And I've been meaning to checkout Dreamscape for sometime now,rether its good or not.

UTB -> RE: Dennis Quaid (30/8/2012 8:11:49 PM)

Frequecy is an excellent film with great performances from Quaid and Caviezel. Other than that, Quaid is a bit Tesco Value Harrison Ford.

elab49 -> RE: Dennis Quaid (1/9/2012 7:41:09 PM)

Except for The Big Easy for one - a star-making performance he didn't follow through on. 

matty_b -> RE: Dennis Quaid (1/9/2012 8:37:00 PM)

He's superb in Far From Heaven.

elab49 -> RE: Dennis Quaid (1/9/2012 8:47:53 PM)

Ah, true - excellent performance there too. And Innerspace, Great Balls of Fire. His Doc Holliday was very creditable too. 

Shifty Bench -> RE: Dennis Quaid (3/9/2012 5:45:57 AM)



Frequecy is an excellent film

Those five words are so full of truth and awesome. I didn't realise anyone else loved Frequency [:)]

vad3r -> RE: Dennis Quaid (3/9/2012 1:54:00 PM)

I want to look like this at 58.


Woger -> RE: Dennis Quaid (6/9/2012 6:50:27 PM)

He had a film called Saviour out about 10 years ago, set during the war in the Balkans. Pretty grim but worth catching.

siegfried -> RE: Dennis Quaid (30/9/2012 4:49:45 AM)

Dennis Quaid tends to be somewhat underrated in my opinion. The first of his films to make a real impression on me was The Big Easy, and I agree that his performances in Frequency (which I think is a fine thriller), and particularly Far From Heaven, are excellent.
I recently caught up with one of his very early films, Breaking Away, in which he played a rebellious teenager from the wrong side of the tracks. Even at that early age there is evidence of a very fine talent.
Sure, he's made a few unfortunate career choices, but in a career spanning more than 35 years, name me one actor who hasn't.

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