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MartinN2725 -> Old Issues as PDFs? (23/8/2012 10:56:58 AM)

I've been subscribing to empire for over 10 years - and 10+ years of magazines takes up a lot of space, and weighs an absolute ton as well.

I still like to thumb through back issues occasionally for articles, and nostalgic reviews of videos (remember them!), but it's just not practical to keep 'em all any more.

Are back issues available as PDFs? Commercially I can't see empire selling many back issues for anything other than the last few years, so could Empire make the old stuff available - ideally for free (or a subscriber benefit!), or for a smallish charge?

I'm sure there are torrent sites where you can hold of quite a few back issues, and I suppose using an ADF scanner to do them myself is an option - but it would be good if there was something that other long term readers could "officially" take advantage of.

Celluloid Seduction -> RE: Old Issues as PDFs? (15/10/2012 1:33:46 PM)

This is a great idea.

I have recently had a clear out of my home and my collection of Empires dates back to 1996 - I have nowhere to put them and they weigh a ton as you said. I can't mail them to anyone, online selling seems to not be worth the cost of packaging, and no body I know want to buy or even have the collection stored for posterity!

I have no alternative but to throw them out. Although I do like looking back through the old issues now and again. I have all the enclosed gifts and the posters un-touched. I feel like I am destroying a valuable cache of movie memorabilia when I throw all this stuff away! [:(] [:(] [:(]

What is the alternative?

MartinN2725 -> RE: Old Issues as PDFs? (15/8/2013 4:36:23 PM)

Shame nobody from Empire responded to this! Anyway, I'm about to move house - so will likely end up chucking the entire lot out.

If anybody else is interested snap scanners look pretty impressive - here's a review of a Futitsu ix500 where the reviewer has specifically scanned in a magazine.


The great thing about these - is that it creates a pdf with searchable text, whilst still keeping the original high resolution (up to 600dpi) images. Bung all the pdfs in a folder and you can search for particular films (or whatever you fancy) just using windows search. Only problem is they are a bit pricey at 350...

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