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Supermarket Prodigy -> Easy A (21/8/2012 10:29:13 PM)

Hi guys,

I've started a blog for teens by teens and we have our first film review up on there on Easy A! :)


This is the link if you fancy taking a look at it and the site in general, here's the review anyway in case that counts as spam! I started the blog and it's by Lia, one of my bloggers.

As my first film critique – if one wishes to call it so – I will be reviewing the movie Easy A, starring Emma Stone, Alyson Michalka and Amanda Bynes.

This movie is basically a webcast of Olive (Emma Stone) telling the spectators “her side of the story” and we see said story because of flashbacks of the events. The story starts with Olive declining her best friend Rihannon’s invitation to go camping with her borderline hippie family by saying she has a date with an invented community college student. On Monday, Rihannon asks to know everything about the date and refuses to believe Olive hasn’t lost her virginity to this mysterious “George”. Olive gives in and invents her first time to satisfy her best friend’s curiosity. What she doesn’t know, is that Jesus fanatic Marianne (Amanda Bynes) overheard the whole thing and has decided to make it her personal mission from God to tell the whole school about it. In less than no time, she is known as the school skank. After landing in detention for having called another student a “twat”, she and a friend of hers – who happens to be gay but would like to fit in – pretend to have sex at a popular girl’s party; which helps her friend’s reputation, but doesn’t improve hers. Rihannon decides to “end their friendship” because she too is starting to believe Olive is turning into a skank. Olive snaps and decides to contribute to her image by sewing a red A on all her clothes – in relation to the “Scarlet Letter” by Hester Prynne, which they happen to be reading in school. But word gets to some male students that she will confess to having had sexual encounters with them in exchange for money or gift certificates. After having had enough, she decides to explain everything in a webcast, and with the help of her crush –who happens to be the only guy in school who doesn’t believe the rumour – she intrigues all her school by pretending she’ll be putting on a sexy show (instead of revealing the truth). The movie ends with her getting together with the guy she’s had a crush on since 8th grade and driving away with him on a lawn mower (I kid you not).

Easy A’s main theme is a teenager’s “problem” blown out of proportion; it exaggerates the buzz around a high-school student’s virginity loss. Emma Stone has done a great job in impersonating Olive; a sarcastic, funny and smart girl, who always has a witty comment at the ready, a good heart and plenty of good intentions. All through the movie, I couldn’t help but associate her with Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls”. Whether it’s because they sound similar or because Olive reminds me of Katie, I’m not sure. Who knows, maybe it’s both. Although Alyson Michalka’s acting didn’t exactly impress me, I found Amanda Bynes rather fabulous. Yes, I admit, her character was probably one of the most annoying I have ever seen and whenever she mentioned God and needing to purify others I felt like strangling her, but one has to admit that it takes a lot of effort for someone that hates your character and not your acting. Olive’s parents in the movie – played by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson – were a hilarious couple, who had a close relationship to their daughter and were always supportive. The dialogues in the movie were authentic, not too far-fetched, simple or intellectually enhanced, and contained just the right dose of humour, seriousness and sarcasm. The soundtrack was suitable and well placed, setting the right mood for each scene of the film. This movie was very down to earth and easy to relate to. It’ll provide a good laugh and time to any teenage girl (or guy – but probably more girl) who watches it. Armed with more than enough teenage-movie clichés, this one should be in every girl’s nightmovie-list.

Supermarket Prodigy -> RE: Easy A (21/8/2012 10:30:19 PM)

Sorry for the multiple posts. Posting from iPhone.

Rinc -> RE: Easy A (21/8/2012 10:48:17 PM)

Hi there

We have a thread in Off Topics for personal blog sites here: http://www.empireonline.com/forum/tm.asp?m=2070278&mpage=1&key=blog

Plus there's already a review thread for Easy A here: http://www.empireonline.com/forum/tm.asp?m=2888346&mpage=1&key=Easy&NID=136258#3156277

I'd also suggest putting a link for your blog in your signature. That way whenever you post there's always a handy link for other posters.


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