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Empire Admin -> Ken Watanabe Will Be Unforgiven (21/8/2012 1:29:06 PM)

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Simon124 -> Could work, loved the original.. (21/8/2012 1:29:06 PM)

I just think I'll hang around here and wait for someone to say 'Seven Samurai'

dannyfletch -> Why??? (21/8/2012 6:54:08 PM)

These remakes are getting quite tedious to say the least! And now Japan are jumping on the band wagon and remaking and absolute classic that should be left well alone. You just can't touch Eastwood. Let's hope this gets shelved and forgotten about!

Josh Fowler -> (22/8/2012 1:44:10 AM)

Ford made westerns, inspired Kurosawa to make Yojimbo, remade as an Italian western by Leone, launched the career of Eastwood, redefined the American westen, Eastwood makes last western with Unforgiven, goes back to Japan as a Samurai film. Actually it's oddly beautiful.

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