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Empire's latest picture quiz gives you two ways to solve it: you can either give the name of the movie that the pictured character appears in or the name of the character, thus making it slightly less repetitive than you'd realize. Given that there are only a limited number of Pixar films, most people would think this is a cinch...although a few are tougher than you might think. Still managed to get through them all.

Here's a complete list of clues for anyone that needs help.

1. Andy's pet gets plump in this second sequel.
2. McQueen's crew chief and carrier.
3. Jack-Jack's babysitter.
4. Buzz meets this other-worldly robot in the third film to the franchise.
5. The lawyer of Skinner, the pint-sized head chef at Gusteau's.
6. He's the only live-action character in this environmentally-conscious film.
7. This purple, tentacled character is in the same movie as #'s 1 and 4.
8. He's the villain that appears at the end of this action film.
9. He fixes Woody in Pixar's first sequel.
10. His long-distance sight is an asset in Pixar's first feature film.
11. This Aussie stork is a gossip in this underwater adventure.
12. Boat featured in the beginning of this action-packed "vehicle" sequel.
13. These animals eventually become friends with Andy's old toys.
14. This plane shows up in the same film as #12.
15. He just can't seem to scare right.
16. This chef killed a man...with just one thumb.
17. She has a twin...reflection.
18. Woody speaks to and on this classic toy.
19. It's the same image (but different character) as in #13.
20. Fast race car that shows up in the sequel.
21. This worm loves books.
22. This loves pumping "iron" in this Pixar first.
23. He's long, tall, part of a circus, and fears that he's typecast.
24. Mr. Incredible stops this minor villain's dastardly plan.
25. Dogs playing poker...on an airship on a remote island.
26. He's constantly a target for...23-19!
27. This shy red truck loves the quiet life in Radiator Springs.
28. He's the ring master and owner of a bug circus.
29. He owns a toy store, but he's evil.
30. The ex-Mr. Incredible's boss.
31. Truck featured in this action sequel.
32. This classmate of Nemo's "inked" herself.
33. Remy's big brother.

Do you think they love "Toy Story 3"?!

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