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Foghorn -> Unknown movie (17/8/2012 5:01:58 PM)

Hi to all, first time on here but im at my wits end. I'm looking to find out the name of a movie but I only remember the ending. The only problem is it's a french film and in black and white. The only thing I can remember (I was only 10 or 11 i'm now 46 lol) is that there's a man and a woman sitting opposit each other with a glass table between them, they exchange some dialogue then the woman shoots the man in the head then shoots herself in the head and the last scene is the glass table with their heads on it and blood on it. I would be very grateful if someone could put a name to this movie as it's been bothering me for along time.
Francis (foghorn)

rich -> RE: Unknown movie (17/8/2012 10:21:19 PM)


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