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Empire Admin -> First Official Still From The Tomb Lands (13/8/2012 12:53:14 PM)

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flando -> I'm going to go out on a limb (13/8/2012 12:53:14 PM)

and predict a two star review in advance. Putting the prisons architect in his carefully designed 'impenetrable' prison? Bloody hell, I'm going to Hollywood to write some scripts. 'Road House 3: After Hours' incoming.

TOPOI -> (13/8/2012 1:32:55 PM)

Speech Bubble - "I'm getting too old for this shit."

burtbondy -> Scofield' s Brother (13/8/2012 1:35:50 PM)

Wasn't this printed last month?

blindlemonpie -> (13/8/2012 4:08:16 PM)

Mmmm, directed by a guy who's previous movies where crap, script already subject to rewrites by a guy who's previous movies have also been crap. My hopes are not high.

BatSpider -> Tango & Cash (13/8/2012 5:52:57 PM)

Could it be as awesome as the similarly storylined Tango & Cash? Sly's character was called Ray in that too. Just needs a Kurt Russell sized slice of blue eyed pie to replace Arnie. Let me guess Arnie's story arc - he gets out and at the end rescues a daughter he hasn't seen for years and there's a reconsciliation(sp?)!

shitneck -> (13/8/2012 7:24:11 PM)

It looks like a very average (or just below) prison-break movie..... why wouldn't Vinnie Jones be in it??

BenTramer -> "Yo, Adrian, I'll Be Back." (14/8/2012 11:04:34 AM)

I want to see Stallone and Schwarzenegger as enemies in a movie. They were supposed to be in Face/Off, a perfect project for them where both stars would've played both hero and villain, but somehow it never happened. What about Rambo Vs Commando? Judge Dredd Vs The Terminator?

MusicLovesYou -> I wish... (16/8/2012 12:44:37 PM)

...this was a picture of my two gay dads.

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