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Empire Admin -> The Three Stooges (13/8/2012 10:50:48 AM)

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Hood_Man -> RE: The Three Stooges (13/8/2012 9:40:55 PM)

I just want to know how they got back to Gotham [sm=33.gif]

I didn't even realise this was coming out, might catch it on Lovefilm one day. I saw a TV movie about them a few years ago, it was a nice way to pass a few hours [:)]

Shifty Bench -> RE: The Three Stooges (14/8/2012 12:36:08 AM)


I just want to know how they got back to Gotham [sm=33.gif]

I can only assume that is a Dark Knight Rises reference [:D]


ORIGINAL: MonsterCat
I just want to see this so I can say: "I saw Larry David dressed as a nun once".

Here- click.

odddaze -> RE: The Three Stooges (20/8/2012 9:51:23 AM)

I actually enjoyed this flick, whilst not high art I found the performances from the 3 leads to be strong and committed whilst I also found the slapstick to be very entertaining. The story is pretty tosh but I found myself laughing quite a lot, there is just something funny about a man getting hit in the head with a hammer.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: (20/8/2012 5:09:34 PM)

I am quite excited for this and I don't know why.

johnnyfirday -> RE: stooges (24/9/2012 9:01:50 AM)

lolz ... what a movie .. actually, best comedy movie ever .... even more comedy than dumb and dumber ...... hats off ... three of them are awesome ...... just keep on doing the crazy things.... slapping each other and the voices they are generating ... oh man ....

super hero fan -> RE: The Three Stooges (26/9/2012 4:55:59 AM)

i liked it a lot i never laguhed so hard sicne furry veangce

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