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Platter -> Apocalypse Now Compound Sequence (11/8/2012 10:08:47 PM)

I recently watched Apocalypse Now (not the Redux version). I think I have a pretty decent solution to the famously fumbled climax.

The compound sequence up to Brando delivering that great line about Willard being an, “errand boy sent by grocery clerks”, is all okay. It’s from there that it loses all momentum and becomes boring. What they should have done is cut from that line to Willard back on the boat getting ready to kill Kurtz. All they need to do is put in a Michael Herr voice over that basically says, “He either didn’t fear me, or didn’t care that I intended to kill him. So he let me go. I was free to roam his man made hell or leave. And I wasn't leaving without finishing my mission”. Then the film just goes straight into Willard creeping into the compound and killing Kurtz.

This way the film loses about ten or fifteen minutes of needless waffle. I think it would result in a much better, more watchable ending that doesn’t test your patience half as much.

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