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Empire Admin -> 360 (10/8/2012 4:32:15 PM)

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R W -> 360 (10/8/2012 6:12:03 PM)

With a title like 360, you might think this is about numerology, but no, it’s another film that says “we are the world”, following the likes of Alejandro González Inarritu’s Babel and Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter, whose screenwriter Peter Morgan conceived this latest film from the director of City of God, Fernando Meirelles. Throughout the countries of the United Kingdom, Paris, Austria, Brazil and Slovakia; 360 explores the lives of couples and their sexual encounters.

Unlike Hereafter which although flawed but had a thematic link between its three divisive protagonists, Morgan’s script here is more loose, in terms of the way the assembled cast are somewhat connected. Despite the UK poster which features the big Western stars from Jude Law, Rachel Weisz to Ben Foster, these actors rarely appear as the two former Brits are both a married couple who are secretly cheating on each other, whilst Foster as an ex-sex offender has less screen time than he should.

On the other hand, Sir Anthony Hopkins truly shines as an old man looking for his missing daughter, which then leads to a great monologue about the distance between himself and his daughter and the revelation he wishes. The true strength of the film is the European players, whose stories deal with prostitution, lust and relationships. Although one can see a contrivance between the many coincidences, but Meirelles keeps the whole thread very subtle, with some clever split-screening.

As always with these ensemble pieces, the whole is a very mixed bag, with moments that you like and don’t like. Whilst it is not as pretentious as Babel, 360 is watchable, but pointless.

bill the butcher -> it deserves 3 stars (1/11/2012 10:30:32 PM)

oh come on
woody allen gets 3 stars for films that are not all that great
even when they have an amazing cast just like this ..
.Anthony Hopkins as a heartbroken father
Ben Foster as a sex offender
from the guy who directed constant gardner

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