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Phubbs -> Highway to Hell (1992) (7/8/2012 7:52:53 AM)

One of those films that kinda sits in the 'Army of Darkness' camp in terms of black humour and completely bizarre wacky imagination.

The plot is loose and pretty muddled really. Kristy Swanson is kidnapped by 'Hell Cop' and taken to errrr hell to be the Devil's bride for some reason, guess she makes him horny eh.

Its up to her boyfriend to rescue her, was that a surprise? Along the way to hell he meets other famous dead folk including Ben and Jerry Stiller in very early film performances (Ben's first).

Its a wild surreal ride that makes not much sense and looks a bit cheap to be honest. The main deal with this film is the visuals on makeup and prosthetics created by Steve Johnson, this is what makes the film better than other low budget horror's.

The 'Hell Cop' looks totally badass with his head burned and scared, pentagram's and satanic text branded into his flesh and his shades nailed to his face, his car kicks ass too in a nice 'Mad Max' kinda way.
Bergin as the Devil looks quite nice also, not as ultra cool as 'Hell Cop' but some nice work. There are a few other great examples of hands on makeup work with a zombie cop and full body demon version of 'Rachel'.

Nice bit of stop motion animation thrown in too with a three headed hell hound. Bit crappy looking but still better than CGI hehe.

You'd think it was an 80's comedy horror to see it, it has all the great marks of such an era. I find its much like 'Repo Man', a totally ridiculous off the wall plot with some great artistic visuals but at the same time rather cheap and tacky looking. Full on cult if ever I saw it and worth seeing for Johnson's skills.

great_badir -> RE: Highway to Hell (1992) (7/8/2012 1:01:18 PM)


Jerry Stiller in very early film performances

Jerry had been around for years at that point (/pedantry).

Yeah, it's not a bad little film.

If I'm honest, the only reason I came into this thread is cos I thought you were on about another film called Highway to Hell with Eric Stoltz (AKA Running Hot).

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