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Empire Admin -> Truth Or Dare (6/8/2012 11:57:02 AM)

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jackcarlin18 -> The truth is... This film sucks! (2/9/2012 6:18:53 PM)

Truth or dare is just one of those Saw wanabe's when actually this brit disappointment is a more softcore version. This film cintains very little torture and very little porn, infact the "porn" is really just a twist ending which many viewers may not like the sight of. The remainder of the film seems tedious due to its multiple uninventive kills and lack of originality and believability. Actually the lack of believability was due to very little acting skills of the young british cast; even when beig shot in the leg the character still seemed emotionless, almost like he was scrapped with a knife and not shot with a gun! The whole film is a shambles which offers very little, and then calls it torture. The only thing torture about this film was watching it! Lets have a game of truth or dare; Truth: this film is poor. Dare: i dare you to watch it and i assure you youl wish it was you who was being fed battery acid instead of the characters just so you couldnt watch it!

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