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Empire Admin -> The Many Looks Of The Bond Villain (3/8/2012 12:24:34 AM)

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EriCritic -> Stromberg's webbed! (3/8/2012 12:24:34 AM)

Not many people know this but Curt Jurgen's Karl Stromberg character has webbed hands! The hands are only really noticeable if you see the movies in theaters or watch it on an HDTV. Otherwise, if you watch it on DVD on a standard TV, you'll have to zoom in or freeze frame to really spot them. They're perhaps most noticeable when they show a closeup of his hands pushing the button that leads to his secretary's death.

EriCritic -> Octopussy? (3/8/2012 2:57:54 AM)

Technically speaking, Octopussy would've been the first female Bond villain. It's really a fine line as she was working with Kamal Khan at the same being an ally/love interest to Bond. Still, Elektra is the first full-on female villain.

chris wootton -> Curd Jurgens? (3/8/2012 10:45:43 AM)

Curt, is who I think you mean

Osric -> RE: Curd Jurgens? (3/8/2012 11:08:02 AM)

Not necessarily:ürgens

rich -> I thought it was obvious (4/8/2012 1:03:50 AM)

Mr Stromberg prefers not to shake hands....

danielthompson99 -> Request (4/8/2012 9:14:51 AM)

Do the Bond girls next! (not literally, of course)

Pelle -> Hair (5/8/2012 10:56:32 AM)

So many blonde of silver Bond villains. What does that mean?

Morteus -> Moonraker Quote (6/8/2012 8:32:44 PM)

Dax; "At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery."

Thought that was a better line personally...

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