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ianmote -> Zhou Yu's Train (2/8/2012 2:43:02 PM)

If anyone has seen this film (2002 Chinese movie) would appreciate your help...if not then spoilers below...

I live in Shanghai & watched this film recently.  Unfortunately I picked up a local copy, with no English subtitles.  I speak some Mandarin so followed most of it, but got a bit confused towards the end.  I have read some reviews, but can't get a clear view of what really happened.

So if anyone out there has seen it, I wonder if you could let me know:

- did Zhou (long hair Gong Li) die in the bus?
- was Xiu (short hair Gong Li) the poet's new girlfriend?  Or was it Zhou years later, moving on?
- what was the gist of the last meeting between the poet & Xiu right at the end?

Having asked these, I read various reviews that all had different interpretations, so maybe there is no clear answer.  I had one view that when Xiu saw the book of poems named after Zhou Yu, did Zhou Yu even exist at all or was she just a fictional heroine?  It was mainly trying to figure out Xiu's role in the whole thing that I am stuck on

I'll try and get a copy with subtitles next time...xiexie, as they say in China


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