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Phubbs -> City Heat (1984) (1/8/2012 5:06:42 AM)

Two major Hollywood tough guy legends team together for this 30's period set comedy/crime thriller which doesn't quite get there.

Its basically an buddy action flick but for some reason they have forgotten to include some action, there is a lot of dialog and its all pretty dull, everything looks damn fine visuals wise to be truthful though. All the sets, costumes and cars look really nice and compete easily with say...'The Untouchables' but as usual Eastwood plays his usual cliched tough guy with no rules, we've seen this before Clint!. Reynolds fairs better with some reasonable laughs as the smooth talking danger magnet who is also handy with his dukes, gotta love that tash, its more famous than Reynolds.

Bit of a flop when released and I can see why as this really does stand out as a missed chance for a good punch up action film. The blend does work, almost, but its just lacking some originality and excitement bottom line.

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