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shtonner -> Nolan...The autobiographer (28/7/2012 12:44:25 AM)

I just watched the The Dark Rises for the second time already (at the imax this time...was amazing!) and I got a real sense at times that he was telling his own story at the same time as he was telling Batman's - or Bruce Waynes perhaps!


Much like in inception, where Nolan tells large chunks of his movie making experiences through the happenings of Cobb and his 'team', I got a very similar vibe in DKR also. Did anyone else get that? Batman has been through two great challenges thus far (Batman Begins and TDK)...just as Nolan has faced the challenge of making those movies. Nolan found his feet in Batman Begins just as Bruce did, and was at the height of his powers in TDK just as Batman was. Now they both face their greatest challenge with DKR. Batman meets Bane - an enemy of equal intellect but superior strength. Nolan faces an equally tough task...trying to better The Dark Knight! Almost impossible.

Bane states it clearly to Batman during the first fight. "victory has defeated you" That relates so well to Nolan. The Dark Knight was such a victory, how could he better that? Batman's victory is to be found by revisiting his own origins and those of his enemies...which is of course is where Nolan's victory is found as well. He refers back to Batman Begins and brings the 3 films together perfectly.

I think Nolan loves to lace his films with touches like this. He talks to the viewer in so many different ways and his movies are created purely for the purpose of re-watching and examining multiple times. Or am i just freaking out?

Thought The Dark Knight Rises was fantastic anyway. Better than TDK....dunno!

Whistler -> RE: Nolan...The autobiographer (28/7/2012 4:05:29 AM)

Another one? Okay, I love Nolan and his Bat trilogy, but the amount of Nolan-based threads in movie musings is getting tedious.

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