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loopylass14uk -> What is the name of this film please? (27/7/2012 8:21:17 PM)


I'm trying to find out the name of this film so I can buy it as a present for someone. They were telling me about it the other day and I can remember what it was about and such but not the name. Their birthday is this Wednesday coming so I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me the name!

So the general plot as I understand it is as follows:a husband and wife live together with their butler in a large house and they don't really get on. There is a plan to build a new highway through their property requiring their house to be demolished. The husband gets behind the plan but the wife is against it and enlists the help of the butler to stop it from happening and to foil the husband. Apparently it's a comedy or at least has moments of comedy. It was also a tv series I think as well as a movie but didn't run for long. And it's not a recent film - I think it's from the 80s?

So if anybody knows what film I'm talking about and could let me know that would be awesome!! [:)]

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