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I'm currently contributing articles to a site called The Pixel Empire. The focus is on reviewing retro-games, although the occasional recent release and everything in-between will also get the odd look in. It's less about what is on the horizon gaming wise - unless it’s a peculiarity like the recent release of Gun Lord on the Dreamcast (yes, the Dreamcast) - and more about harking back to the glory days spent in your bedroom, where we all waggled our joysticks whilst admiring Lara Croft’s pixels. In other words The Pixel Empire is the perfect excuse to mess around with emulation and re-live the likes of Speedball 2, Cannon Fodder, Turrican, Head Over Heels, Sensible Soccer and Zelda III: A Link to the Past.

Of course, we want to popularise the site a little bit and establish a readership, hence this plug here, but we're also looking for other contributors to help write interesting gaming articles, reviews (or smaller second opinions - see the Bioshock and MotorStorm RC reviews) and participate in the contributor/reader challenges that we're currently in the process of setting up (MotorStorm RC is first up). It covers all formats, so pretty much anything goes. Take a look around and let Tom, the editor, know what you think (or respond here). We appreciate all and any feedback at the moment, as well as any ideas you may have about developing the site. And if you have anything to contribute, again let Tom know. If it fits in with the philosophy of the site we'll certainly look to publish it. Hope you find the site interesting. And if you do, tell others about it! Cheers.

And isn't Turrican brilliant? [:D]

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