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jackcarter -> Mission to Mars vs. Red Planet - Whoever wins…. (24/7/2012 1:56:51 PM)

Rewatched theses for the first time in what must be 10 years mainly due to the similarly themed Prometheus, as well as having seen John Carter recently, to see if they were as bad as I remembered. They were - in fact the one I always preferred out of the 2 (RP) seemed a lot worse than I remembered, so cringe worthy in parts (love scenes, terrible voiceover) that it required a quick blast of the FWD button (but then so did most of M2M)

As to which is best? Which is least worst is probably more apt. Both have a couple of cool scenes, M2M - the Dune like sandworm vortex, the ship switch (mainly to see Tim Robbins die) and the end scene in the face leading to The Abyss liquid oxygen thing (although the holo-alien looked terrible - would’ve been better if they hadn’t revealed it). RP had the great Temple of Doom style airbag landing, the chilling air running out scene, and the eerie algae field.

The Actors - I think RP has the better cast - Kilmer (plays a doofus but is pretty good in it), Trinity (who plays a character named Bowman…gee that’s a subtle nod. why didn’t they just call her Kirk? Or Skywalker?), Sizemore (plays another stupid character but is also ok), The Mentalist, Bratt (ridiculous unprofessional jock character constantly bragging about how many hits he has on his (pre facebook) site!) and Stamp (the scene where he tells the others to go I cant quite tell if hes deliberately delivering the lines in the most uninterested, ‘why am I in this schlock’ way.) The equally strong M2M cast were all really terrible in it - Gary Sinese (depressing lead and what was with all the drag queen make up?), Robbins (really annoying - I was actually relieved when he took his helmet off), Gladiator woman (also annoying - and like Trinity seems to have disappeared from movie scenes despite being in several big movies at the end of 90s/early 00s), Jerry O Connel (who was embarrassingly bad in this - I don’t think hes been in a movie since) and a pre Oceans Don Cheadle

The Score - Ennio Morricones M2M score was bizarrely terrible but RPs had a techno experimental type thing going on that gave it abit of cool (I actually bought the CD at the time[:D])

Mars locations - I think RP edged it. I remember being really impressed in the cinema with how theyd done Mars. In M2M they stay in one place but RP they go all over and it looked really impressive (think they filmed it in Australia). In M2M they reddened everything and created abit of an obvious CG sky where RP they done the Sepia thing and left the sky earth cloud normal (think they did something similar for a Star Trek Enterprise episode when they go to vulcan) ironically the far more fantasy Mars movie John Carter which got criticised for looking too earth like, supposedly had the more realistic depiction of the planets surface - apparently Mars is actually quite similar to Earth in having a blue/grey sky and a surface that isn't as red as NASA lets us believe according to experts - while the more realistic movies - M2M/RP - have the traditional red planet thing going on (I think Carter could’ve done with using some of the RP locations and techniques.)

The aliens - M2M has the Prometheus they are us invitation thing complete with explain everything 3D space maps (has an near identical ending to Prometheus), RP has oxygen making CG critters that decide to feast on Tom sizemore but don’t seem to find Val Kilmer appetizing? - I think I preferred RPs take on aliens..

Who won at the box office? - I checked out BOmojo and expected them to have done around the same (with maybe M2M edging it out as it was released in the March and RP in Nov 2000) and was shocked to see how badly RP bombed, 33m ww to an 80m budget. (M2M did 110m to a 100m budget) I think what must’ve happened is M2M came out, movie goers were rightly intrigued (Brian De Palma does 2001 style SF with a strong cast) went to see it - were appalled, so when RP came few months later gave it the widest berth possible (plus it wont have had good reviews either)

overall Id say I prefer RP for the Mars locations, the score and the couple of cool scenes…

elab49 -> RE: Mission to Mars vs. Red Planet - Whoever wins…. (24/7/2012 2:04:46 PM)


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