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Empire Admin -> Martin Campbell Plans Blake's 7 Reboot (23/7/2012 11:15:51 PM)

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dannyfletch -> Why American??? (23/7/2012 11:15:51 PM)

Why remake a classic British sci-fi series and do it American when us English are more than capable of pulling off spectacular sci-fi that actually is well acted and has character? And why not just expand on Blakes 7 rather than a remake of something that will never be bettered? Campbell should leave this well alone!

boredbluekoala -> IF THEY CAN MAKE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA DARK AND POLITICAL.... (24/7/2012 9:32:15 AM)

Then Blakes 7 should be just as gritty.
Last I heard SKY had the rights to Blakes 7, and since they were co-producers on the Galactica mini series, this might be where things are going?

Cyberleader -> All the character's will be American now. (24/7/2012 1:49:05 PM)

They just will. I'm not even going to 'bet', they just will. It's a fact. The only brits will be baddies or comedy characters, old men or 'english rose' girls for or two of this lot. Take your pick. They will.
I love America/them wot lives there...But let us ALWAYS defend Dr Who against them. They can take away everything else...our wives, childeren, 'Only Fools And Horses' and 'Blakes 7'...but they shall NEVER have Dr Who! 'Britain's never, never, never shall be slaves...' for the most part.

alf2019 -> Will they keep it as dark as the original? (24/7/2012 6:12:40 PM)

Roj Blake was originally framed and convicted of child molestation. Doubtful they would use this storyline unchanged now

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