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RichB77 -> Empire's Box office predictions (16/7/2012 10:40:53 AM)

I don't have the issue anymore, but didn't Empire predict that Ice Age 4 would have the 2nd biggest box office of the summer, after the Dark Knight, but more than the Avengers? At the time it seemed odd, but now it just looks plain stupid. [8|]

Rgirvan44 -> RE: Empire's Box office predictions (16/7/2012 10:51:23 AM)

That is unfair - predicting the box office is always guess work. That is where the fun of it all is. Last year no one predicted that Rise of the Planet of the Apes would hit 500M for example.

st3veebee -> RE: Empire's Box office predictions (16/7/2012 2:42:05 PM)

True, but their Avengers estimate was shockingly bad!

Rgirvan44 -> RE: Empire's Box office predictions (16/7/2012 2:53:09 PM)

Iron Man 2, the most popular Marvel film, made 650M box office. It was successful - just not at the big boy level.

Then Captain America and Thor did less than that by a wide margin and including the 3D.

I can see why they estimated it as they did to be honest.

st3veebee -> RE: Empire's Box office predictions (17/7/2012 11:39:36 AM)

I'm presuming you mean most successful of the Avengers line up. Considering Spiderman was released 2002 and made 820+million, a prediction of just over half a billion by Empire on a film that contains multiple Superheros (well established now, each with films under their belt) was not their finest moment.

Then again an estimation is just that: and estimate. No point in getting too riled up over guesswork.

mutzui1998 -> RE: Empire's Box office predictions (28/7/2012 2:53:54 PM)

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