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Empire Admin -> Iron Man 3 Rocks Comic-Con (15/7/2012 4:28:10 PM)

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IamtheGoblin -> Sounds great. (15/7/2012 4:28:10 PM)

Really great, in fact. Liking the sound of the Mandarin more and more, was worried he'd be too campy but it sounds as if Black & co have nailed it.

kisswithatear -> Excite! (15/7/2012 9:24:32 PM)

So. They're going for Extremis. Well. That's a good, awesome thing! Plus I always love Shane Black taking on themes with a bit of Christmas cheer, ok I did that one time. But I love his dialogue, so awesome. I'll take that away but also the sheer magnitude of confidence of RDJ rollicking through the crowd... Well... It's an entrance that's gonna be remembered.

Nikalios Columbus -> Avengers Day (16/7/2012 8:41:30 AM)

Dammit. I was hoping for a April 27th release, but then that would have been a Saturday. Hmmm, oh well. Super excited, going VIP, defiantly :D

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