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Empire Admin -> Thor 2 And Captain America 2 Renamed (15/7/2012 10:40:09 AM)

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roobear33 -> Get it right (15/7/2012 10:40:09 AM)

Empire, seriously you call Thor the dark world 2 different titles in the same article.... But it's the captain america bit that riles me. Bucky was seen falling along the mountains towards a river/lake, if he survived (Which the winter soldier title suggests), they would probably go down the same route as the comicbook storyline. If you read the storyline from the comics you'd understand that being a russian controlled assassin doesn't directly refer to the world as it is now. And forget about the Chris Evans-less marvel, why would they sign him to 6 movies to let someone else take over, maybe after avengers 2 or cap 3 but not after one stand alone film. Bucky is also back to being the winter soldier now in the comics, so I can't see them making him Cap in the movie universe, otherwise you might as well just read the comics as you'd know everything that will happen in the movies.

loafroaster -> Bucky hasn't been Cap since 2011. (15/7/2012 12:07:42 PM)

Keep up Empire!

savewash -> Spoilrt alert (15/7/2012 2:50:28 PM)

Bucky is "dead" in the comics atm having been killed by the red skulls daughter Sin.

Monkeyspoon -> RE: Spoilrt alert (15/7/2012 3:47:45 PM)

Actually Bucky isnt dead in the comics. Sin only wounded him. Nick Fury realised that it would be a perfect opportunity for him to fake Buckys death in order to get the Russians and other authorities off his back. Nick Fury used a life model to convince people that Bucky is dead. The only people who know is Nick Fury and Black Widow. Shortly after "Fear Itself" the plot was revealed to Steve Rodgers. Bucky has gone back to being the Winter Soldier again but this time works for the Americans taking down foreign terrorrist plots.

clarkkent -> (15/7/2012 3:57:20 PM)

Yeah, Bucky being The Winter Solider happened DURING the cold war, but Bucky didn't reappear until ten years ago. So they can EASILY use the storyline.

simpwalker -> (15/7/2012 7:01:15 PM)

We know that the movies can borrow and change the storylines to suit the plot so we can expect a decent telling of the story. I wonder if iron man and falcon will feature.

GALLYMOO -> I was hoping for a more dynamic THOR: Journey into Mysteryand Captain America Part II: The Adventure continues.... (16/7/2012 8:19:37 PM)

Those other titles inject to much heaviness and weight which is quite a mouthful....

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