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steflon -> building a computer (14/7/2012 4:13:12 PM)

bought a new graphics card, came in the post today, went to install it only to discover my slimline cpu tower is exactly that (why i didnt think this when i bought the card, i know not)

so instead of dealing with Amazons returns (problems with it before) i figure i may as well buy a new empty tower, which i've been looking to do in teh future anyway.

my main concern is the disc drive, its currently vertical in my tower, will it show any hindrance in being put into a horizontal driver slot? i'm sure it wont but thought i'd ask anyway.

having never done anything like this before any help, tips or advise would be greatly appreciated

SWOTBM -> RE: building a computer (14/7/2012 5:12:14 PM)

Console gamer myself [:)] But there was a thread about building a PC in joypad; perhaps that might be worth a look?

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