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Empire Admin -> Comic-Con Photos: Superman's Suit (13/7/2012 1:11:27 PM)

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guysalisbury -> Hmm (13/7/2012 1:11:27 PM)

I'm really looking forward to The Man of Steel I just hope Zach what's face doesn't fuck it up. The suit looks terrible but we shall see.

Cameron1975Williams -> Superman's costume looks gorgeous. I particularly love the weighty... (13/7/2012 1:30:06 PM)

...looking cape. Costume designers have fallen in love with the computer aided designed textured fabrics of late. As with the Superman Returns costume, they've overdone that a little here. I would've liked to see the 'S' chest-plate and booots remain untexured.

fraser1978 -> What?! (13/7/2012 1:59:26 PM)

No red pants? Where's the red pants?

fraser1978 -> What?! (13/7/2012 1:59:40 PM)

No red pants? Where's the red pants?

captainrentboy -> RE: What?! (13/7/2012 2:14:36 PM)

Like Cameron above, I feel the Superman suit is just a tad tooo busy (texture wise). IMO if they'd kept the texture pattern off of the emblem and boots it would've looked a hell of a lot better.
Hopefully the trailer will be awesome enough to make me forget about such nit-picky issues.[:)]

Kalielyn -> (13/7/2012 2:21:34 PM)

The superman suit looks more like a suit designed for war rather than general usage (like before), like the texture and design but agree with previous comments that the logo and boots should of been smooth

Nicky C -> Couldn't agree ... LESS! (13/7/2012 3:36:12 PM)

Loving the new Superman suit. It looks like something an alien wears when he goes to kick someone's ass. Traditionally, one of Superman's worst attributes is the fact that he's strong but dresses in bloody pyjamas. He usually looks like an idiot, but this new one looks like it has some purpose.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Couldn't agree ... LESS! (13/7/2012 5:00:46 PM)

Looks too much like someone's been looking at the wrong DC comic the suit looks more like Aquaman's than Supes apart from that the Cape, Boots & Big Fuck-Off S look fine.

Aimeelove -> RE: Couldn't agree ... LESS! (13/7/2012 5:01:12 PM)

I would've liked to see the 'S' chest-plate and booots remain untexured. 

nucleargibbon -> At least they've got the cape right (13/7/2012 8:18:04 PM)

I always thought there was something wrong with the 'Brandon Routh' cape. I like this new cape - it looks like a curtain... but it's a good curtain! Long and Batman-esque.

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