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Empire Admin -> Mockingjay Officially Split In Two (11/7/2012 7:02:28 AM)

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warren7355 -> (11/7/2012 7:02:28 AM)

Nice little money making scheme....

moviemandan77 -> Cash in (11/7/2012 7:05:34 AM)

Looks like the studios aren't happy with the $600m + the first film made!

Swedle -> Not needed... (11/7/2012 11:23:01 AM)

I did enjoy the Hunger Games (not in the rabid fangirl kind of way favoured by many) but after reading the books, I'm pretty sure that the story doesn't need two films, harry potter was a different matter, there were a lot of loose ends to tie up, but with the hunger games series, enough has been cut out already that won't necesitate two films, clearly just a money-spinner

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Not needed... (11/7/2012 12:41:41 PM)

Wouldn't be because there's only 3 books would it?

oldstuff -> I think its justified! (11/7/2012 1:12:41 PM)

"Catching Fire" is the weakest of the three books and they will struggle to get a film out of it. "Mockingjay" has a ton of stuff going on incl. the climactic invasion of the capitol so I see no reason why it can't make two films. I'd sooner they do that and include some of the relationship nuances that were ignored in the "Hunger Games" film.

Madhava -> Silly Idea (11/7/2012 1:15:01 PM)

Agree with Swedle, the final Harry Potter made sense to chop up because the book was so huge and involved. The book Mockingjay, however, is short and simple. Two films would just ensure that one of them is very boring and light on action. Silly idea :-)

HollyB94 -> (11/7/2012 1:56:06 PM)

...Seriously? Just because The Deathly Hallows was split in 2, it does not mean every single film franchise coming out has to follow the same suit. In my opinion, Mockingjay would still be fine as just one film, there's no need for it to be split.

Spaldron -> RE: $$$ Scheme (11/7/2012 4:33:39 PM)

Way to squeeze more money out of another shitty tween franchise. First film bored me to death, I couldn't even contemplate sitting through another one, I'm out.

Super Hans -> RE: Mockingjay Officially Split In Two (11/7/2012 7:55:22 PM)

How predictable. Why make 3 $600m+ films when you can stretch it out to 4?[8|]

Having read the books, I'm not sure any of them really justify splitting in two.

buffster28 -> RE: Mockingjay Officially Split In Two (11/7/2012 8:56:16 PM)

you knew it was gonna happen though - every teen film franchise they like to make last a little longer now to make more money.

NinjaShortbread212 -> RE: Mockingjay Officially Split In Two (12/7/2012 2:22:42 AM)

*Yawn*. Certainly not interested one bit in seeing this.

blackduck -> RE: Mockingjay Officially Split In Two (12/7/2012 12:07:27 PM)

Mockingjay part 2 could be awesome as the second half of the book is solid action, But stringing a whole movie out of the first half will be a bit of a plod.

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