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Empire Admin -> Breaking Bad: Season 4 (6/7/2012 3:31:47 PM)

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tallaght24 -> Brilliant! (8/7/2012 8:39:47 AM)

This show has been phenomenal from Season 1. Why it's taken nearly 2 years to release Season's 3 & 4 in the UK is beyond me. Roll on Season 5!

Gram Woods -> RE: Brilliant! (14/7/2012 1:50:44 PM)

Brilliant yes, but will there be a season 5? I hope not as the finale of season 4 finished it off perfectly. If they do another it will be downhill I reckon, best to leave it alone now, nothing worse than dragging a series out through a slow, painfull death, this story is complete leave it now and it will be remembered as great, try and carry on and it will fade into mediocrity I feel.

bennyboy1971 -> Pitch black comedy + Gripping storylines + Incredible Performances = Buy this now (16/7/2012 4:12:54 PM)

Not much more to add to that equation.

ChesterCopperpot -> Is this it? (16/7/2012 6:57:58 PM)

This is how Empire treats what is without question the best show airing on TV? 4 lines?


Turd Ferguson -> A Three Sentence Review? (1/8/2012 5:54:01 PM)

The best season (so far) for the best show ever to grace our television sets. Season 5 is starting out strong as well. Not looking forward to this show ending, but it's been a great ride!

john89 -> RE: A Three Sentence Review? (25/8/2012 8:45:27 AM)

Too bad for me.
This link is expired and not available for me:(

sirvolkar -> More Addictive Than Meth (Apparently!) (1/9/2012 3:59:05 PM)

This show is unquestionably the best prog around, not just now but for as long as I can remember. Everything about it is pitch perfect - script, pacing, performances, characters - there isn't a single episode that might be labelled "filler". Like Walt or Fring, the people making this show are meticulous, geniuses! Season 4 not only reiterates this fact, but hammers it home like a boxcutter to the jugular...and the ending? :o Season 5 is already progressing along the same lines, and I think its fantastic that the writers have stated it is the last. Most shows in this one's position would drag it out (as a previous reviewer has mentioned), but this show is something else. As Brian Cranston mentioned in the recent Total Recall video interview, there is a very definite story to be told here, Walt is on a fall from grace, and, me personally,I can't wait to see what happens when he finally hits the ground. I expect it to be messy...something this show is not shy of.

Breaking Bad? More like, Breaking Awesome!

Archee -> RE: More Addictive Than Meth (Apparently!) (10/9/2012 10:07:58 AM)

I don't like this series. Only one character i like....and others characters are so rough.Bryan Cranstn's character is cool and interesting.

DRBailey -> (7/10/2012 5:04:06 PM)

So annoyed about mike, but I still love this show!!1

paulmitchell -> Haven't watched it (8/11/2012 6:36:47 PM)

I've heard so much fantastic stuff about this show ,I am ordering the box set from amazon,I don't understand the four sentence review from empire,I think I'll stop subscribing to their mag.they get a lot of things wrong for my liking,I agree with chestercopperpot.

Trisanddad -> Season 5. OMG!!!!!!! (16/11/2012 4:42:01 PM)

Wait 'til you see what happens in Season 5!!! Only 8 episodes aired so far out of 16. They've split the last season in 2. Phenomenal stuff!!!

Trisanddad -> Season 5. OMG!!!!!!! (16/11/2012 4:42:02 PM)

Wait 'til you see what happens in Season 5!!! Only 8 episodes aired so far out of 16. They've split the last season in 2. Phenomenal stuff!!!

carleslempner -> RE: Season 5. OMG!!!!!!! (9/12/2012 12:23:21 PM)

I find the episode as just a build-up towards Season 5. I don't know if you're with me on this. From Box Cutter (1st episode) to Face Off (last episode), the whole season was just okay.

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