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moviemandan -> You guys need to do some research before you comment! (9/7/2012 1:57:38 PM)

Garfield was far more like Parker in personality and looks then Maguire when compared to the amazing comics. Although i agree with organic webbing side, Parker did not fully build the web shooters, he actually stole most of the idea and equipment from Oscorp. When you mention the small world between the characters, this idea clearly originated from Bendis's Ultimate Spider-man comics given that Parker is still in high school. In the ultimate comics he wasn't a total nerd either and Gwen liked him. The coincidences you speak of is like The Connors, Peter, Richard Parker relationship resulting in creating the Lizard being very similar to the Peter, Richard Parker, Eddie Brock's dad relationship creating Venom story and that worked and so does this. His Uncle father like figure has just been killed in cold blood, if you had that power and you was that young surely you would go around hunting the person who did this at first instead of becoming a full fledged Hero do-gooder so quickly, it makes sense. The two universes Ultimate and Amazing have been merged really. Agreed about the wrestling scene but I don't see how else they could have done it really. :/ Green Goblin is spider-mans Biggest enemy like Joker is to Batman, it would be stupid for him not to return in this reboot so yes expect more Goblin. Connors would never be the killer of Peters parents pre-Lizard, hes a good guy really. Most people know Gwen's purpose is to die in the end by Green Goblin so they shouldn't feel as bad about it as you make out they will be although you're right that they will have to cast a very good Mary Jane to make up for it really. There will be far more criticisms if she remains alive i reckon. Other annoying criticism's: How did Peter come up with the formula equation so fast? He was a result of the formula so he would understand the equation on an intellectual level from his powers. There is no Spider sense in this film? There is in many scenes, its just done more subtlety. Agree

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