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blaud -> Incoherent And Nonesensical (24/1/2013 5:36:22 PM)

I love horror movies. Most people love horror movies, even if they say the don't. What I HATE with a passion is modern horror movies. They're all of a type: the same tired jump scares and pseudo-philosophical nonesense that weasels it's way into nearly everything. It doesn't make for a good time and it definitely doesn't make for a good horror film. When The Pact started, though, I was pleasantly surprised. It took a surprisingly minimalist approach to the horror, builded tension nicely and understood that what you didn't see was far scarier than what you did. That was the first scene. After that I think they must have swapped directors, because I was treated to the most brain-numbingly stupid storytelling I've encountered in a horror film for the last five years at least, and that's saying something. There are a few nice audio cues and one or two effectively creepy scares, but they ultimately feel like chuckouts from Insidious (which I didn't think was great, either, but at least it understood how to do 'creepy' properly, albeit at the expense of everything else). Everywhere else, the film falls apart at the seams with a messy and illogical script, uninteresting characters, a ghost story that's as misplaced as they come, a copious amount of gaping plot holes, and an ending so unsatisfying they may as well just cut to black before anything happened. At least then we'd have the possibility that something interesting did.

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