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24Dan -> Crowd Sourcing (21/6/2012 11:27:50 AM)

Hi Everyone.

I am currently putting together a short film.
It's about an amateur private detective who gets himself involved in a kidnapping case and trouble soon follows.
It is called: Derek Douglas and the Deadly Deception, and is a dark-comedy/thriller which will be around 30 minutes long, and I aim to have it completed (edited/graded/sound mix) by the end of October.

The reason I am bugging you all is because to make this film I need a little bit of money.
The budget we're aiming for is $4500 and that is to hire equipment, props and locations.

I know the target seems like a lot of money,but once you convert it to pounds,and IndieGoGo (more on them in a second) take their share, we're left with about 2900.

The film is currently looking for funding here at
Indie GoGo is a crowd sourcing site where people post projects that need funding (like mine!) and kind people (like you!) donate a little cash. And for that cash we give you stuff in return.
That stuff includes: DVD's, comic books (Illustrated by Dan Saunders), soundtrack, props from the film. The list goes on.

We've already reached $75 in one night (which is more than I was expecting in such a short space of time)
Anyway I'll shut up now and leave you alone, but please donate as much as you can, and make me happy.

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