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Wheres the review empire?? Every other site has its review posted(most not great) 5 out of ten 2 or 3 stars out of five etc etc. But was looking for your opinion.However i sense that you will go for 2 stars 3 possibly.I love reading reviews however i pay no attention to them as critics cant read my mind or anybody elses for that matter so they cant possibly know what i like/dislike. however good/bad ALVH is i think it should be lauded for thinking outside the box i havnt seem any really good films this year except the avengers which was way better than i thought, the hunger games was also a good film however mib 3 prometheus were terrible considering the talent involved,they were ok films but with the talent they should have been better.Why is it studios cant seem to make a film that"does what it says on the tin" ie a comedy should be funny first worry about the plot/acting/story later a la Airplane/Naked gun and action film with good action a drama with strong drama there are a few good ones every year but they get less and less every year(check out the top 50 comidies list most are older films).Critics dont seem to get this there seems to have been a detachment from the film goers and the critics in the last few years how many 5 star 10/10 films done really well at the box office and how many apperantly poor films rocked the box office ie twilight transformers etc etc all the people that went to these films didnt go because they wanted to see a bad film and before anybody says but not all people know about a film before they see it most people i know have some knowledge of how the critics reviewed the film. the same goes for awards fair enough the artist was a worthy winner but its the exception not the rule(the tom hanks film this year it was that bad i forgot its name). does anybody else think that critics are moving away from the masses? i do understand why critics do what they do.I think the major problem is critics try and view films as an art, While to the public its entertainment which is what it really is when it comes down to it.
Rant over

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