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Empire Admin -> Cronenberg On Cronenberg (17/6/2012 11:29:54 AM)

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dannyfletch -> Where's Videodrome & The Brood??? (17/6/2012 11:29:54 AM)

Two of Cronenberg's finest films are Videodrome & The Brood but both films don't even get a mention here! The question is why as Videodrome is especially on a lot of fans lists at no1? Both films are far superior to the rather lackluster Dead Zone! However it is nice to see the excellent Scanners on there and the overlooked Naked Lunch.

rob_devitt -> Read the title (19/6/2012 2:02:09 AM)

It's a list of random thoughts and moments, not a list of his best films. Maybe Cronenberg himself didn't mention those particular films in this particular segment? Why do people on this site go straight on the attack like it's some kind of personal insult?

dannyfletch -> RE: Read the title (19/6/2012 10:00:03 PM)

Lol, I'm hardly taking it personal, just stating an opinion! Is there a fucking law against that in this democratic society? Just thought it would've been good to hear about those films in particular that's all!!!

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