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Empire Admin -> The 50 Funniest Comedies Ever (15/6/2012 5:44:53 PM)

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Evil_Bob -> RE: Spinal Tap (16/6/2012 2:01:47 AM)

If you did this list in ten years time then The Hangover and Pineapple Express and a few others wouldn't be on this list but seeing as we're going for modern comedies where the hell is Hot Rod???

NinjaShortbread212 -> RE: Considering the VERY modern swing where the hell is..... (16/6/2012 3:09:43 AM)

Very surprised to not see any Chaplin, Keaton or Lloyd in there. Doesn't seem quite right, considering they really are the true geniuses of comedy and essentially where it all began in cinema.

I am however, very pleased to see Spinal Tap at no. 2! [:D]

Whistler -> RE: Awful, awful list (16/6/2012 3:47:19 PM)


ORIGINAL: jediesque

I never usually comment on this type of stuff, but this list is repetitive and lazily put together. Granted, tastes differ, but even the most hardened 'comedy fan' is aware that half of the movies on this list (i.e. the half of the list involving Steve Carell/Will Ferrel, Seth Rogen, or god forbid Ben Stiller) are comedy clones, the same canon of jokes, the same format, the same actors. Not saying they are not funny, every now and again. But laid bare one after the other in the list here, kindof cheapens them even more for me.

Also, did Tarantino not count?

Also also, Empire readers, be ashamed, you find no foreign language films funny enough to be in a top 50, and yet Ace Ventura gets a look in...? Would have thought that a Takeshi Kitano film, or Roberto Benigni's Life is Wonderful (not my taste, but can see why it was popular at the time) might have made an appearance. I usually like these lists to 'expand' my own viewing lists, it's good to know what I haven't seen. This list is just lazy late night TV.

Perhaps I misunderstood the definition of comedy. Or (even more worrying) perhaps I am missing half a sense of humour... [...desperately searches for Weyland Industries barcode somewhere on body...]

Why would a Tarantino movie be on this list? Yes he has funny moments in his films, but I'd hardly class them as comedies.

odddaze -> RE: (16/6/2012 5:29:01 PM)

Very happy that South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut made the list but it should be much higher.

megadanski -> RE: Lower? or Lower? (17/6/2012 9:14:02 AM)

Really?? men in black? pirates of the carribean??? simpsons movie?? I know we all have different tastes but c'mon I have to admit the list isn't in the best order but to say Ghostbusters,Dodgeball and Shaun of the dead (really good films) are the only ones that deserve to be on it is a joke frankly. About 35 of the 50 deserve to be here at least, you can't judge a movie list because... you have not seen or heard of most of them. Watch some of them you may be suprised.

steviecruse9 -> RE: (17/6/2012 12:55:33 PM)

Men in black? Pirates of the carribean? This guy really knows his comedies....
I'd say a lot of the list is fair enough, but remember its been voted on by public, not the empire team. A lot of people have never watched a Chaplin film, and a lot of people just click Will Ferrel movies because they are relavent nowadays. I don't think Ferrel should be as high up as that but I know that half my friends think its the funniest thing they've ever set their eyes on. You need to watch half of these movies then, because a lot of them are funny as hell! And to say that all the Rogen, Carrell etc films are just do overs is a little unfair. Rogen basically reinvented the teen movie with Superbad, turned a typically dramatic subject into a film with touching hilarity with Knocked Up. They are better than the dime a dozen dumbass movies getting pumped out every other week. Little substance!

megadanski -> RE: RE: (17/6/2012 1:08:51 PM)

Oops i replied to the wrong post haha, was meant for dalekbuster something or other

Swaine -> RE: Spaceballs anybody?? (17/6/2012 2:46:51 PM)

Where in the hell aren't the following films on that list Step Brothers, Scary Movie 3 and 4, Ace Venura 2, Trading Places, Stir Crazy, Stripes, Coming to America, Office Space, Space Balls, Army of Darkness and Beavis and Butthead Do America, Corky Romano, Rat Race and Talegeda Nights

Thatlist needs some serious editing

LYNCHY! -> The 50 Funniest Comedies Ever (17/6/2012 10:44:07 PM)

Hugely disappointing list. I'd say 70-80% of those movies are average at best. Here's 10 great comedies that were missed;

The Guard (Funniest film i've seen in a loong time).
Bad Santa (seriously, how was this missed?)
Raisin' Arizona (Nic Cage's hair alone should've got it into the list)
Cheech & Chong's 'Up In Smoke' (The ORIGINAL stoner/slacker comedy)
Arthur (The original, of course)
Hot Tub Time Machine (Completely fell in love with this flick & it's 80's nostalgia ride complete with CHEVY FREAKIN' CHASE!!!)
My Cousin Vinny (How many comedies recieve Oscar nominations???)
Nuns On The Run (Men dressed as women- but FUNNY)
Zombieland (Rule #32: Enjoy the little things...Like Woody Harrelson!)
Spaceballs (Rick Moranis as Darth Vader...!!!)

Honourable mention to Uncle Buck, John Hughes' finest hour.

LYNCHY! -> The 50 Funniest Comedies Ever (17/6/2012 11:51:49 PM)

This has really lit a fire in our household tonight. Soo many great films missed & so many average flicks promoted into the stratasphere. Here are another five criminally missed:

Bowfinger (Eddie Murphy's finest? If not this then...)
Trading Places (THIS)
The Rocker (School Of Rock, but funny)
Analyse This (De Niro does comedy & sends up the gangster genre he made his name in)
The Girl Next Door (A sweet little comedy about a porn star)

There are soo many more!

I'm an '80's child, so we were a little spoilt for comedies. You can keep your overhyped Borats, Anchormans & Dumb & Dumbers. I'd rather
Fletch, Stripes & The 'Burbs...

steviecruse9 -> RE: Lazily Put together (18/6/2012 2:39:29 PM)

Some of you people writing about this are a little's been voted for by the public, that means they didn't make the list...

If they had made it i guarantee a lot of things would be different, so stop moaning about whats there and not there! And the guy that even mentioned scary movie 3 and 4...get a grip...

demoncleaner -> RE: The 50 Funniest Comedies Ever (22/6/2012 8:22:54 AM)

The secret of lists is not to moan about the consensus but to offer, and by definition find hidden gems...

stuff that makes me guffaw not mentioned, and in no particular order:

The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer
The Meaning of Life
Let It Ride
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
The Awful Truth
My Favourite Wife
The Goodbye Girl
Planes Trains and Automobiles
Songs From the Second Floor (the crucifix sales conference...and reprise disposal of said unsold goods)
You The Living ("so I decided to do the table cloth trick...I don't know why, I've never done it before")


....special mention....... the gag that made me laugh the hardest....recently..... a bad, otherwise unfunny film.......

The Coen Brothers version of The Ladykillers ("we wants that fucking doughnut money!")

Matsumoto -> RE: wot no 'step brothers' !!!! (29/6/2012 1:42:52 PM)

Glad to see some of my favorites on the list, such as Top Secret! and Zoolander, and soooo love Anchorman too....and Airplane is definitely deserving the No.1 spot... there are a few other films that i would've liked to be placed, Galaxy Quest, Clue!, Heathers and Porkys.... just a matter of taste

russelblair -> RE: The 50 Funniest Comedies Ever (8/10/2012 3:08:05 PM)

Thank you very much for this list. I'll bookmark it and try to watch the new ones (2000-present)...

Lost4812162342 -> RE: The 50 Funniest Comedies Ever (18/10/2012 6:17:19 PM)

I liked Jack and Jill. Lol, just kidding but I don't think it was that bad anyway.

The first hangover was pretty good. So was, Grown Ups

JohnChard -> Neil Simon (21/12/2012 4:04:41 AM)

Biloxi Blues would be my number one, and that's all I got to say here :-)

maxcarig -> RE: Neil Simon (24/12/2012 11:28:48 AM)

scary movies is the funniest comedy ever and i loved to watch this movie. it's make me laugh every time..... [:D]

MoneyMike -> RECENT (13/4/2013 6:05:42 AM)

Silver Linings Playbook should be on this list now!

knight4444 -> C'mon (23/4/2014 5:38:32 PM)

My all time favorite is The Producers by the best comedy writer ever! Mel Brooks. I respect other opinions but South Park the movie???? that hopefully was a teenager posting that. Airplane is in my top 10 all time but I've been watching comedy since 1966 so what do I know?

tonydcomposer -> Four Lions (9/5/2014 2:53:45 PM)

I'm not gonna get into a slog about comic tastes, but after watching just 3 mins of 'four lions' I realise this list is far too unrefined to have such a brilliant film amongst the bottom 15. (I watched the whole film before posting btw).

There are definitely leagues of comedy. On the highest level, such films require degrees of irony, character development, and plot complexity (to name a few key points) which many of the films on this don't possess.

A gross re-working of the list is required... I mean we are talking top 50 from 10s of thousands over decades and across boarders... no? Not comprehensive in any singular way decipherable.

<Whistler> I totally agree!!!

jmm4586 -> come on (11/5/2014 12:00:06 AM)

How is it possible a list compiled from the public opinion doesn't feature revenge of the nerds or four rooms? Where have people been living?

eddiejc1 -> Do Empire readers watch ANY old films? (31/5/2014 8:00:32 PM)

I didn't go through the whole list, but I thought something was seriously wrong as I looked through the top ten. Where was "Blazing Saddles" or any other Mel Brooks film? Where was "Dr. Strangelove"? To me, it seems that the people who voted on this list are people in their 20's or 30's who voted ONLY on movies that were released in their lifetimes, and who wouldn't consider watching not only a black-and-white film, but also a colo(u)r film that they did not see when it was released.

(Incidentally, my mind is still blown by jmm456, who thinks the 1995 compilation film "Four Rooms"---one of the worst films I have ever seen and with the most misleading trailer of all time--is funnier than at least one of the films on this list. I'm speechless.)

That doesn't mean that the films on this list are bad. I have a high opinion of many of the films at the top of this list. But there are many other films that should be on this list that I don't think "Empire" readers even considered. I defy anybody to watch the scene in "Dr. Strangelove" where Peter Sellers as President Merklin Muffley is trying to explain to the Soviet premier that the U.S. has accidently launched a nuclear strike against the Soviet Union and NOT laugh. As the late Roger Ebert described it, Sellers acts like an awkward teenager trying to explain to this girl why he can't take her out to the prom like he promised.

That being said, and keeping in mind the bias in favo(u)r of newer films, I must congratulate Empire readers for voting "Airplane" as the funniest film of all time. I find it extremely hard to disagree.

evyg -> Do Empire commenters READ? (19/6/2014 6:00:24 PM)

To the dink just below, Blazing Saddles and Dr Strangelove are both in the top twenty. Also, more than half of the films on the list are from before the mid-eighties. Additionally, this is NOT the 50 funniest comedies according to YOU - there is an actual vote going on. Crawl back underneath the rock you pillock.

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