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Empire Admin -> Star Trek Sequel Will Beam Into IMAX (14/6/2012 9:19:11 AM)

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FoximusPrime -> Star Trek Sequel Will Beam Into IMAX (14/6/2012 9:19:11 AM)

I hope they have some 2D IMAX showings. Whilst the 3D premium doesn't seem to apply to IMAX (at least not the last time I saw one in the Printworks), it would be nice to see this in all its vibrant-coloured glory.

For me, one of the great things about the first film was the clean, bright colours that made you feel you were viewing a futuristic Utopia. It would be a shame to see that all washed out in 3D (especially in IMAX).

burtbondy -> The Truth (14/6/2012 11:23:38 AM)

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evilpickle4 -> What? What? What? (14/6/2012 12:18:02 PM)

Can someone decode burtbondy's post for me?

Fozola -> Sort It Out Burt (14/6/2012 1:29:46 PM)

I think it might be Klingon!

Nicky C -> I am a whore for both 3D and IMAX ... (14/6/2012 4:40:37 PM)

... and I am totally unashamed. This is f*cking excellent news!

GALLYMOO -> Will Burt Reynolds be a Klingon? (14/6/2012 6:22:43 PM)

I know its wishful thinking but I'm hoping Shatner and Burt should slug it out in glourious 3D IMAX madness...all captured with the 'never too old' film stock of the GENESIS' creation montage....PINE and New Spock can watch in ponderment....

Kalielyn -> Wait.... (14/6/2012 6:40:44 PM)

When did Cumberbatch get involved? Dammit, get this out now!

dannyfletch -> Can't wait for this! (16/6/2012 6:19:02 PM)

I love the first re-boot so I can't wait to see where the next installment will take us! 3D and IMAX is gonna be spectacular!

djdarrenjames -> RE: Can't wait for this! (18/6/2012 9:01:13 PM)

Can't wait to see all those lovely Imax 3d lens flares in action!
Nah, quite looking forwad to it, the first one was fun. Hope they change the engineering set though, that was the weakest part of the new ship, like a sonic the hedghog level with water tubes and stuff!

billkiller -> IMAX (20/6/2012 3:57:18 PM)

I'm all for IMAX, but I HATE retrofitted 3D. If JJ Abrams wants to give me a headache, I'd rather he did it with the sound, not the picture.

IMAX 2D all the way, please.


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