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Mr. White -> Russell Crowe (7/6/2012 4:21:20 AM)

Am I the only one who thinks Russell Crowe is one of the greatest actors alive? I had an arguement with some buddy and he just thinks he's alright. I think he is one of the best.

The Insider, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Gladiator, American Gangster, etc.. The guy gives it his all in every film i've seen him in. He even made me cry in some movies haha. I really feel he is very under-appreciated. I still need to see more of his films, L.A Confidential for example. Hope he stars in more movies in the near future.

Who else agrees with me?[;)]


CandieLeroux -> RE: Russell Crowe (12/6/2012 7:48:49 AM)

I agree to this and really he is a very good actor and some of his films like The Next Three Days,Gladiator,A Beautiful Mind,The Insider
and many more are my favorite ones to watch. The acting he has done in these movie is incredible and very appreciating for me.

hozay -> RE: Russell Crowe (12/6/2012 11:44:22 AM)

I like him a lot even though he owns the South Sydney Rugby League club (my team's mortal enemies [:D] ).
He's my favourite Aussie actor along with Guy Pearce, speaking of which L.A. Confidential is my favourite of the films either actor has been in. After seeing that I'd hoped they would do more films together as I thought they made a great team.
I wasn't that impressed with The Next Three Days ( I didn't like the story really) but everything I've seen him in I've thought he handled himself admirably.

ElephantBoy -> RE: Russell Crowe (4/7/2012 10:20:49 AM)

He does command attention when on screen and has done some very good films, but he is far from one of the best working today. He has been in a number of forgettable projects and just lacks the consistancy of a great actor.

For example his part in a Beautiful Mind is very overrated, Crowe is way too twichy and showy in that film for my liking. Another case is in The Next Three Days where he plays against type, but doesn't convince you he is a every day guy who over the couse of the film starts to snap, subtle he isn't.

His finest moments for me came in The Insider, American Gangster, LA Confidential and Master and Commander the Far Side of the World.

snooker23 -> RE: Russell Crowe (4/7/2012 1:50:16 PM)

Good. Yes.

The best working today. Not really.

He reminds me of Richard Burton for some reason.

siegfried -> RE: Russell Crowe (30/9/2012 5:33:54 AM)


He's my favourite Aussie actor

Born in Wellington, and educated at Mt Albert Grammar School in Auckland, both of which were New Zealand cities the last time I looked.

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