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Invader_Ace -> RIP - Ray Bradbury (6/6/2012 4:04:43 PM),0,3320611.story

Still need to read loads of his stuff.

Fahrenheit is a Masterpiece.

directorscut -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (6/6/2012 4:39:18 PM)

Wonderful writer. Was just thinking about him yesterday (not in a dirty way).

sanchia -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (6/6/2012 5:52:59 PM)

Another one of the masters of the field gone.

Rhubarb -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (6/6/2012 6:28:09 PM)

Sad to hear, haven't read as much of his as I would have liked, but what I have is superb.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (6/6/2012 6:52:09 PM)

America's greatest living writer. So sad.

chewbacasnapsak -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (6/6/2012 8:50:11 PM)

A great fan of his work. RIP Mr Bradbury.

Darth Marenghi -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (6/6/2012 10:18:15 PM)

Just read about this now - very sad news. [&:]

EDIT: A nice piece by fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman on his friend and being a fan of Bradbury here:

Saltire -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (6/6/2012 11:22:06 PM)

Ah sorry to hear that RIP Ray, superb writer.

hozay -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (7/6/2012 12:21:40 AM)

A sad loss. I'm a huge fan of his work, I especially loved his short SF stories. RIP.

sanchia -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (7/6/2012 8:30:12 AM)


ORIGINAL: Darth Marenghi

Just read about this now - very sad news. [&:]

EDIT: A nice piece by fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman on his friend and being a fan of Bradbury here:

The comments on that article are great.


At 15 I was an average and reluctant reader. My Dad, noticing my Sci-fi interests, gave me a tattered copy of The October Country and I was hooked. I enthusiastically wrote my English Literature coursework on Ray Bradbury, and was the only person in my year to get an 'A' grade. My teacher suggested I send the essay to Ray Bradbury, and helped me get his address from the library. A month or so later I got a long and personal letter from Ray which I still have to this day . 22 years later I have read and enjoyed hundreds of books but Ray Bradbury's are still up there with the best of them.

It just goes to show what sort of a man he was.

clownfoot -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (7/6/2012 12:56:28 PM)

Fahrenheit 451 remains one of the best books I've ever read. RIP Ray you most awesome of writers.

great_badir -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (7/6/2012 1:14:05 PM)

Back in the days when we had cable (mid to late 90s), I had a Sci Fi channel weekend ritual - Ripley's Believe it or Not (hosted by Jack Palance and his lovely daughter), followed by The Ray Bradbury Theater (sic, which I used to love) and capped off with Mike Nelson era Mysterly Science Theater (sic) 3000. I have very fond memories of that.


Le Tenia -> RE: RIP - Ray Bradbury (8/6/2012 3:58:58 PM)

I remember watching The Martian Chronicles years ago starring Rock Hudson. He represented how science fiction should be alongside Arthur C Clarke and Theodore Sturgeon.

Well done Sir..!!

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