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Empire Admin -> Pegg And Wright Talk The World's End (28/5/2012 8:32:31 PM)

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RandyChimp -> (28/5/2012 8:32:31 PM)

Gary KING and Andy KNIGHT? You don't suppose this turns in a medieval style crusade to the last pub, do you?

Nicky C -> Yes, this is all very interesting, but ... (29/5/2012 12:52:39 PM)

... when can I get a bloody ticket? Consider this one already sold. Can't come around fast enough as far as I'm concerned. I know I'm not the only one as well. This and Anchorman 2 are the only upcoming comedies worth talking about, surely? I may have to watch Hot Fuzz yet again to calm my nerves. Either that or go and see who's hanging round the duck pond (wink wink. Eh? Eh?).

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