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Empire Admin -> James Badge Dale Signs For Iron Man 3 (17/5/2012 8:14:55 AM)

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blindfold -> Cheadle (17/5/2012 8:14:55 AM)

You guys may hope they get Cheadle back - i don't! Howard was better, but you know what - maybe leave Rhodey out of this one as he just seems to get in the way.

markcub -> ROBOCOP (17/5/2012 8:47:29 AM)

I just wonder if they are gonna show us, some kind of crazy robocop, thx 2 Chitauri connection is possible.

Gazzabrook -> To many cooks (17/5/2012 9:06:51 PM)

I feel like they’re just adding characters for the sake of things now, I mean Coldblood, no one know who he is ....

Also marvel studios adding to many villains alwasy ends bad I mean look at sony and spiderman 3, that went so far down the pan they had to reboot it

djdarrenjames -> Spoiler haha (18/5/2012 1:28:45 AM)

Good news but, I love the way you warn of a spoiler a few cm above a great big picture of... the spoiler. Oops!

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