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a2zmoviez -> RE: (7/6/2012 8:01:12 AM)

Men in Black III (2012) was good and I loved the movie very much

filmsunlimited -> MIB. Mediocre, Infact Boring! (7/6/2012 10:37:09 AM)

I went into a screening of this with very low expectations having seen some dire reviews. Although not a complete disaster, the whole film does feel as stuffy and corporate as the suits the Men In Black themselves wear. A few medicore set pieces (time jumping, the fight on the crane) and interesting looking aliens save this from utter oblivion but this is undoubtedly one of the poorer blockbuster films out this Summer.

Atomhammer -> RE: Men In Black 3 (7/6/2012 11:31:46 AM)

4 / 5 for me.

Normally Im a bitter cynic but have to admit that I enjoyed this outing.

Feel im in the minority but I really liked this sequel to MIB.

I thought it was far more entertaining then the 2nd MIB and on par with the first.

I thought it was good fun, plot holes a plenty but it entertained me nontheless with an ending that really worked well.

The perfromance from Josh Brolin as the younger K was ace and worth special mention.

Hopefully there are others that can enjoy it as much as we did but to go into it much would involve a load of spoilers.


diishy -> Spot on.. (7/6/2012 9:10:56 PM)

I must agree with Thomas' review. MIB 3 seemed to be hyped up too much and made me quite excited for its release. However upon watching it I felt it's a HUGE let down, especially for fans of the original MIB. While watching the trailers I kept thinking that "hopefully they haven't gave away too much and they have more in store". When in reality, most the punch lines were given away in the trailers leaving me quite disappointed with the final piece. However the ending did feel like it tied in nicely, and without giving away any spoilers, there is a slight emotional bit towards the end which did work. Other than that there wasn't much that stuck out to me about the film. I thought Josh Brolin (who plays a young Agent K) was fabulous! He nailed Tommy Lee Jones perfectly, even Will Smith was quite good, but he can definitely do better. Also disappointed at how little screen time Tommy Lee Jones had, he's a great actor and deserved much more than a small starting and ending role.

Overall I also give MIB3 two stars simply because of it's lack of imagination and creativity. I can definitely see what they were trying to do, however I don't feel they executed it as well as they could of.

temrok -> love is strange (9/6/2012 12:04:04 AM)

Men in black 3 happens to be an unexpected masterpiece that it seems to go underrated almost everywhere, most probably because critics everywhere couldn't get what it was all about.Combining elements from the <jetee>(if not the 12 monkeys) and a genious idea of going back in time that is not just an anecdote but goes down deep to the things we've loved the most, it proves that there are still real creative directors and screenwriters in the entertainment bussiness, meaning that they feel and can share feelings.I was moved by the movie as well as entertained. I was happy to watch it. What more can I say?

s4dm4n -> A must see.... (9/6/2012 9:34:37 AM)

You know me, and know how little i liked Will Smith's few last films, if you read my reviews; i was annoyed by Happiness, didn't like much of anything else he did since, especially the serious stuff. On the other hand i quite like Tommy Lee Jones, though i wouldn't classify him as a "first grade actor"; also, i found MIB 2 quite lacking compared to the first, which wasn't perfect, but it was OK as a funny, spoofy movie and a good watch for Saturday night.. but MIB3 is excellent.

No, i'm not gonna spoil the plot, there's no reason to. The story is not so important as to warrant a review; but the acting is very, very entertaining.

MIB3 concentrates primarily on Will Smith, with TLJ being more of a supporting character than anything; Smith gives here a great performance, not simply as a comedy actor, but also in some (don't be scared now) touching, heart-felt moments (not talking about the cheesy ending, if you've seen it already).

I have had the distinct feeling while watching this that MIB3 takes more than one lesson from many of the latest Disney animated comedies, such as Ice Age, Monsters Inc, etc .. to sneak in to our belly-laugh comedy films a few tricky feel-good, family-friendly moments, and the occasional very thin bit of adult humour ("O??").

But here is the thing: i hate feel good; it positively makes me puke, i'm the tough-as-nails wannabe who loves a good mutilation and bloodshed, possibly with revenge, and i would neeeever recommend a feel-good film. But MIB3.

Oh this film is just sweet; maybe i just wanted Will Smith to not suck so bad anymore, but man did i get my wish - he's in top shape and this is his best film yet.

And again, it's not just him, Josh Brolin (no idea who he is, had to look him up) is good in his role, the direction and pacing of the film is flawless, (ok, maybe the ending was a bit rushed, but hey, it's still Hollywood), the production is stellar (hmm.. Hollywood), soundtrack could have been better, but MIB3 is a film i can wholeheartedly recommend to *everyone* - young couples, girls, my mum, my flatmates, all my nerd friends, internet trolls, it's just so ... so..

OK so, it's not perfect. But it's good. Enough with the compliments, go watch it already (not in 3d .. )

bretty -> there was a high point (10/6/2012 3:40:51 PM)

At least Lewis Hamilton's ghastly girlfriend got spaced. I almost cheered.

Cool Breeze -> RE: there was a high point (10/6/2012 7:33:56 PM)

Saw it this evening and its decent enough throwaway fun like the first two films.Josh Brolin was the real standout here with his ace TLJ impersonation.Some good fx and action but rather lacking in the comedy front.Could have done with a better script.

I'l be generous and give it 3/5.


Tommy Lee Jones' pay cheque must have been pretty substantial to lure him back to this. The last dregs of a franchise that was rapidly going down the pan anyway. And Will Smith needs to retire as well - or at least get a new act. Josh Brolin is the standout and saves the film from being a complete washout. I wish they had just made the one film and left it at that. Much like the Star Wars films - the MIB series is getting worse the longer it goes on. Please God don't let there be another - unless they reboot it in some way. TWO STARS


Tommy Lee Jones' pay cheque must have been pretty substantial to lure him back to this. The last dregs of a franchise that was rapidly going down the pan anyway. And Will Smith needs to retire as well - or at least get a new act. Josh Brolin is the standout and saves the film from being a complete washout. I wish they had just made the one film and left it at that. Much like the Star Wars films - the MIB series is getting worse the longer it goes on. Please God don't let there be another - unless they reboot it in some way. TWO STARS

sanchia -> RE: TIRED LOOKING, UNINSPIRED FARE.... (16/6/2012 11:55:31 AM)

This is not a bad film but that does not make it a good film. It is more a diverting film. Will smith offers his same old schtick and just about carries the film although it is getting a little old now. The plot is full of cliches and plot holes however this does not necessarily make it a bad thing as in no way is it trying to present itself as being a serious or decent film. Tommy Lee Jones is almost pointless having virtually nothing to do, being in it for only a very short time and dialing his performance home from the bank. Josh Brolin is the best thing in the film with a spot on performance and seems to be the only actor actually making any effort. The villain is awful and has very little to actually do with terrible lines.

It is a two star movie but almost a three.

Phubbs -> RE: Men In Black 3 (18/6/2012 6:19:14 AM)

Men in Black 3

I liked the original MIB film for its pure originality, imagination, quirky effects and the fact Sonnenfeld directed. This gave the film a nice kooky fun feeling just like he achieved with 'The Addams Family'. The second film didn't really seem up to much, more of a rehash of the first, bit of a sell out.

I was worried this third film would just be another rehash but in a nice huge surprise its pretty neat. The plot revolves around time travel which can be problematic for a film but its handled well and at no time did I feel confused.

The real meat of the film is of course the effects and alien imagination on hand, think of the whole film as a Mos Eisley space cantina sequence. This has always been the best parts in the MIB franchise, seeing who is an alien or what seemingly dull average setup could be an alien ship/base/weapon/creature etc...As with the previous films effects range from being really good wet n slimy concepts with the aliens, some great mask/makeup work mixed with cgi. But then the action sequences tend to look rather fake and hokey, its pretty obvious and never seems to look any good really, way obvious bluescreen work.

Of course the film is pretty much a live action cartoon so one can't quibble but it does still look really fake throughout. That aside I do love the in-jokes and little touches such as revealing famous figures to be either aliens or working for the MIB, its been done but it still works and gives that nice undercover secretive atmosphere that surrounds the whole (real) Men in Black mystery.
A nice bonus of course with this new film is all the little jokes about the vast differences in technology between 69 and the present day. Some fun pokes at obvious changes in tech sizes and battery usage, I also liked how the aliens in the MIB HQ seemed to be dressed circa 1969 (60's in general). In other words they all look like aliens from cheesy B-movies of the time, well I presume that was the idea hehe.

To be fair its only down to Brolin as a young 'Agent K' that makes it work so well. I think its safe to say without him it would have been business as usual from Hollywood and another factory line sequel. Although I must also give credit to the design and creation of 'Boris' who is certainly a pleasing baddie and quite formidable for once.
Played really well by Jemaine Clement I must give kudos to the whole idea, the character is actually quite eerie with his gnashing jaws, 'Tusken Raider' like eye sockets and creepy crawly servants, its a shame we don't see more of his real features. I loved how he was well spoken also, sounded like Tim Curry...he could of played the part also methinks.

Must also say, I hated the casting of Emma Thompson, she totally did not fit in this role one bit. The younger actress used to be her younger self was a complete balls up, no way she looked anything like a younger Thompson...but I nitpick.

The film isn't gonna blow you away by any means. Its solid fun and has done well to breathe new life into the franchise but its still somewhat of a cookie cutter blockbuster. I think this third bookmarks the franchise nicely and there is no need to milk it further. Unfortunately there are talks of a fourth which you know will spoil everything, Hollywood just doesn't know when to quit and end on a high, gotta bleed every last dime until its derided and dry.

On a final thought for you...Nicole Scherzinger, oh my god is she hot!! damn hot!! scorching!!! why couldn't she have been more involved in her black latex/pvc outfit!?. Oh the disappointment of that, talk about teasing you geez.

Atomhammer -> RE: Men In Black 3 (22/6/2012 3:33:18 PM)


ORIGINAL: TheMightyBlackout

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Atomhammer -> RE: Men In Black 3 (22/6/2012 3:39:10 PM)



... and I really dug this, yet another hugely enjoyable blockbuster this year.... one heck of a good ending which made me almost shed one or two tears.... really surprising stuff, I'm going for a 4/5

Spot on and agree with you on this one. I rather enjoyed this one more than the first and way more than the 2nd MIB.

Brolin and Stuhlbarg were brilliant and the ending really surprised me. Was a good fun movie with a touching ending.

The film was far better than most reviews would have you believe. If you enjoyed the first then theres plenty to enjoy here.

Mines a 4/5. :D

Private Hudson -> RE: Men In Black 3 (25/6/2012 8:42:32 PM)

I really do wonder about people sometimes.

I had heard that this movie was dire and terrible etc.

So I went in not expecting much since I thought both the first and second movies were overrated.

Guess what? I really enjoyed it. It was funny, witty and had a heroic centre throughout, and even though Will Smith is the big star, both Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin steal the movie from him, which is good as I am sure he is big enough to let that happen. In fact he pokes fun at himself by letting himself get into all sorts of silly scrapes in this movie.

The whole 1969 idea was brilliant, and the bad guy (the bloke from Flight of the Conchords) was actually quite good too.

Okay so Alice Eve and Emma Thompson were underused, but there seems a lot of scope for a MiB 4 (perhaps John Brolin comes into the future?).

To all those who slag it off, I ask you: did you not enjoy this bright and breezy summer movie far more than some Swedish art house black and white film about suicide?

It was great fun and Empire's reviewer should hold his head in shame.

timpeel -> Reviews! (5/9/2012 9:11:27 PM)

Just got back from seeing this, and I must say, I rather enjoyed it! I went in with low expectations and came out with a smile. (I had a tear in my eye at the end too!)
I've been reading other peoples reviews, including Empire's review and they are of a mixed bag. Thing is with reviews, they are just someone's opinion of the film. Some 'classics' get 5 stars and when you watch it you think 'I have to enjoy this, Empire gave it 5 stars' but sometimes 5 star films are boring!
I would say MIB3 is better than part 2, but not as good as part 1. Wait for blu-ray, give it a go. You may be surprised...

rcrofty7 -> Better than I thought (4/12/2012 6:04:16 PM)

chrisdagnall -> GREAT IMPRESSION......... (14/12/2012 12:07:46 PM)


chrisdagnall -> GREAT IMPRESSION......... (14/12/2012 12:07:47 PM)


theoriginalcynic -> RE: GREAT IMPRESSION......... (9/1/2013 7:50:25 PM)

I would rate it two and a half stars. It started off well and slowly went downhill. Worth a watch, not one to own.

jeffamania -> Empire, u were way off the mark!!! (1/3/2013 10:48:01 PM)

Sorry empire but u're wrong
I didnt see this movie in the cinema coz of ur dumb rating and now that I've watched it at home, U were well off the mark
Wats important about this movie
1. has the best villian 2. has the most heart. 3. Grif is a better character than a talking bull dog 4. touching moment when (spoiler alert) Mr Smith Snr dies 5. better effects especially on Boris the animal's make up and casting Clements was spot on (Boris was funny) 6. James Brolin is ace and soo is Will Smith..
I have to say possibly a better movie than the original film.
This movie should have got a minimum of 3 stars, possibly 4!

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