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ukacidman -> Double Bills at cinemas (8/5/2012 7:54:29 AM)

I recently went to watch the great Documentry - Marly at my local indie cinema. it was a great move/doc by the way. It got me thinking that it would make a great compian paece alongside Fire in Babylon. a great documentry about Western Indian cricket.
it then got my thinking of the old days back in the 70's /early 80's where we had double bills at the flix, I can remeber as a kids seeing a double bill of Gregory's Girl and Chariots of fire back to back to back

another one was a Bond double bill of Moonraker and Live n let Die..
have any of you older reads got any childhood memories of some great double bills. ?

Discodez -> RE: Double Bills at cinemas (8/5/2012 11:38:25 AM)

etmsreec -> RE: Double Bills at cinemas (3/7/2012 12:17:22 AM)

I remember the double bill of Gregory's Girl and Chariots of Fire too. I saw it at the Carlton cinema in Tuebrook, Liverpool. From a quick check on the web, it seems like it was a fairly common combination.
How anyone thought that the two pictures would be a good combination I dunno, but they're both good in their way. Chariots because of what it is and what it depicted and all that. Gregory's Girl just because of what it is and that I was a not quite teenage boy!
Funny that I don't remember any other double bills?


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