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Empire Admin -> James Cameron Teases Avatar 4 (6/5/2012 9:33:34 PM)

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NCC1701A -> RE: James Cameron Teases Avatar 4 (7/5/2012 8:09:40 AM)

[sm=893banghead-thumb.gif]   I hope he is joking Avatar 1 was bad enough. How about working on the Blu Ray of The Abyss and True Lies now that would be awesome Mr Cameron.

jothman -> RE: Avatar hate? (7/5/2012 5:18:52 PM)



So...why does anyone genuinely hate Avatar? I mean seriously, somebody give me 10 legitimate reasons why it's a horrible, terrible film and why we should never ever see one again? This is a stupid band wagon that everyone has jumped on. The only bad thing about it I saw was the unoriginal plot. And? It was technical marvel and the plot was an excuse to carry effects and the best 3D I've seen. The next ones should have much better stories, so I for one am quite interested to see where he's going to go next.

The story line was utter rubbish, predictable generic Hollywood pap. technically the only 3d movie that has worked but we have been told this story before (pocahontas), good 3d is not enough for me to spend money on terrible dialogue, wooden acting and bad story. I think this is why most people disliked the film

Harry Tuttle -> RE: Avatar hate? (7/5/2012 6:44:15 PM)

I thought Avatar in 3D was an amazing cinematic experience and I can't wait to see what he's got planned for Avatar 2.

4 films is pushing it though.

rich -> RE: (7/5/2012 8:29:01 PM)

Unless Avatar 2 becomes something worth all the hype then I don't undestand this at all. So great he made a lot of money, surely the ego trip is over by now and he can see what a mediocre product this was compared to Terminator and Aliens.

filmfanatic123 -> RE: RE: (8/5/2012 12:20:51 AM)

Avatar was okay in 3D, but in 2D it was pretty shit to be honest - Dances With Wolves in space as one critic put it.

I heard Cameron wanted to explore the 'oceans of Pandora' but the story, for me, was thin enough in the first one - there's not really sequel material there, but I'm intrigued enough to be reasonably interested...

Spaldron -> RE: Non-story (8/5/2012 1:29:14 AM)

The fact that despite he was clearly exaggerating about an "Avatar 4" you still managed to turn it into a story and another plug for the Avatar machine. How about this, leave it alone until you get some real news k?

Emyr Thy King -> Asteroid dead ahead! (8/5/2012 1:48:46 AM)



So for all the nuclear weapons and military hardware in his movies, Cameron is really just a boring old hippy behind it all who wants to drone on and on about the environment. "I'm in the Avatar business. Period." I can't tell you how sad that statement made me, that a guy as talented as he is will just keep telling the same story over and over again. If he has to make sequels, go back to the Terminator franchise and kickstart the whole thing again.

Well he's proposed a new venture to fund deep space exploration and mining of the asteroid belt(s). So not all's lost. If he actually made a documentary about pioneering space exploration footage as he has done with his Titanic documentaries then I'd be excited.

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