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Whistler -> LA Confidential (5/5/2012 2:00:17 PM)

I'll just go ahead and say there will be *SPOILERS* here. Don't read if you haven't seen the film.

I re-watched it last night for the first time in a while, and I quickly remembered why it's one of my favourite cop/crime movies of all time. It's gritty, brutal, stylish, classy, and everyone involved (which is an excellent cast) is on top form.


The stand-out scene for me is when Bud discovers the photos of Exley and Lynn.

"I wouldn't trade places with Edmund Exley right now for all the whiskey in Ireland."

OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: LA Confidential (5/5/2012 7:34:21 PM)

Truly great film with a great direction,great cast and a great visual style.
Up there with Heat,Untouchables as one of my great cop/crime films.[sm=happy34.gif]

jcthefirst -> RE: LA Confidential (5/5/2012 9:50:13 PM)

No disagreements here. Absolute classic film.

Every one of the performances is top drawer with special credit to Guy Pearce.

Spaldron -> RE: LA Confidential (6/5/2012 2:25:13 AM)

Not seen this in years but it is a true classic and Guy Pierce's second best performance.

NinjaShortbread212 -> RE: LA Confidential (6/5/2012 2:29:00 AM)


ORIGINAL: Spaldron

Not seen this in years but it is a true classic and Guy Pierce's second best performance.

Not sure if I've seen this at all. Didn't really appeal but why don't we watch it sometime?

st3veebee -> RE: LA Confidential (9/5/2012 12:13:38 PM)

I love LA Confidential. Incredible cast and manages to balance intelligent plot and thrilling set pieces perfectly. The two Aussies have never been better.

Screenjim -> RE: LA Confidential (31/5/2012 2:57:10 PM)

Great movie ! Three very different cops interweaving in a great story.

Biggus -> RE: LA Confidential (2/6/2012 11:17:22 PM)

Pretty much perfect in every way. Cast, acting, script, plot, pacing, production design; all spot-on. Curtis Hanson should be one very proud man having this on his CV.

The Hooded Man -> RE: LA Confidential (4/6/2012 11:09:16 AM)

I remember a review at the time that said that this was an example of a film that only the Hollywood movie industry could make, and the more I think about it the more it sums up what's good about Hollywood. It harks back to the golden era of the early 70s.

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