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donethinking -> Bladerunner 2 (24/4/2012 9:15:59 PM)

Apparently Ridley is to make another BR a bladerunner fan i'm as much excited at the prospect as i am dreading it, how on earth can it compete with the original ?? he better not have loads of CGI shit in it either!!

As for Ridley I kind of went off his work when he jumped into bed with russell crowe [:'(] I'd far rather see what Ducan jones would have done with it instead, new blood and all that....hopefully he'll still be making his 'love letter' to bladerunner 'Mute' aswell.

elab49 -> RE: Bladerunner 2 (24/4/2012 9:21:13 PM)

Search isn't perfect, but it should normally pick up at least one post in any existing thread to make sure there are no duplicates [:)]

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