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donethinking -> where my thread?!! (24/4/2012 8:35:18 PM)

Just posted a thread about headhunters and a hollywood remake with mark walberg and who would be better than him for the part and it has vanished....can someone tell me why without chewing my ear off ??

elab49 -> RE: where my thread?!! (24/4/2012 8:38:26 PM)

Apologies, that's my fault. I've forgotten to tick the box that creates the link to the moved thread - it's in Future Films as there, sadly, seems to be something of an inevitability that the remake will be one. 

donethinking -> RE: where my thread?!! (24/4/2012 8:38:35 PM)

okay sorry i found it please ignore this i couldnt find a delete thread button..

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