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Phubbs -> The Street Fighter (JAP, 1974) (4/4/2012 7:26:30 AM)

Gekitotsu! Satsujin Ken

Sonny Chiba was pretty much one of the first actors to become a star utilizing his skills in martial arts (in Japan), slightly more chunky or well built than Bruce Lee with a rounder face and thick eyebrows.

Released a few years after some of Lee's hit films Street Fighter is very similar in terms of looks, feel and costumes plus the way Chiba composes himself, his stances and poses during fights. The main difference being Chiba is playing a kind of mercenary for hire who isn't really all that nice instead of an outright hero, he's almost an antihero of sorts.

At the time this film was regarded as highly graphic and violent but of course these days its more amusing, there is some in your face bloody moments but the blood is way too fake looking to concern. Violence is fun and almost comicbook-like with the odd idea having been seen more recently in other fight films and videogames (MK), the testicle ripping scene has to be the most memorable.

Classic stuff and more gritty than Bruce Lee but with maybe less refined quality, Chiba comes across as more animalistic in battle, some lovely looking ladies in there too [:)]

Gram123 -> RE: The Street Fighter (JAP, 1974) (10/4/2012 4:58:01 PM)

Hey Phubbs, why not create a single thread, Phubbs' World Cinema Thread or something, and post all your reviews in there, rather than a thread per film?
You might get more discussion / feedback of your film viewings that way, and you can keep hold of everything in one place, rather than potentially losing threads off the page over time.

Just a thought.

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